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El Niño

This tether is located somewhere off the coast of Chile, but the exact location has a tendency to move. While the tether has little direct impact on mortal affairs, it’s Elohite Seneschal is quite adept at reading how even minor fluctuations in power can be leveraged to have devastating consequences. What he can’t do is tolerate the servitors of Marc, whom he feels have done much to assist Belial in undermining the sanctity of the sea.

The Panemone Tether

The Panemone Tether is located somewhere along the mountainous border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Though there is nothing to mark the tether now, it is considered the birthplace of one of the first practical windmill designs – a collection of six wooden vanes attached by horizontal struts to a wooden shaft used for pumping water and milling grain. The tether has no permanent seneschal, but there’s a Malakite Ranger who likes to make trouble along the border, and has a particular fondness for the landmark.

The Gates of Janus

Before the Christianization of Rome, it was the cunning statescraft of Janus that allowed monotheism to gain a toehold in the otherwise Olympian territory. Rather than represent the Lord openly, Janus posed as one of the city’s Ethereal Deities, and a temple was built in his honor right at the entrance to the Roman Forum.

Worried that Janus might succumb to vainglory, Dominic insisted that a Malakite be appointed as seneschal. Having other, greater concerns, Janus agreed, and as a result Rome had a particularly martial view of their Heavenly Patron.

After the decline of the Roman Empire many believed that Janus would allow the tether to dissipate – but the Archangel of Wind has never been one to live up to others’ expectations. The Seneschal Portunes still lives in the area, posing as a humble and migratory locksmith. With his tether in such disrepair, the seneschal is rarely called upon to perform his formal duties, but when time and circumstance allow, he likes to head through the tether to it’s third terminus, the foothills of Olympus.

Portunes, Malakite Friend of the Unseen, Seneschal of the Gates of Janus

PortunesAlthough part of Portunes’ original charter was to keep Janus from the sin of vainglroy. Portunes also developed the habit of masquerade as a two-faced Roman god. Specifically the god of harbors, keys and gates. While the seneschal is best known in his guise as a locksmith, he also lives a double life as one of Rome’s more illicit cryptographers, and he has been known to produce some truly impeccable fake IDs for those who hold Janus’ favor.

However, one would be a fool to let Portunes’ pastimes fool them. He is a Malakite through and through. Humble though he is, Portunes has been charged with the care and maintenance of Janus’ Quiris – an ancient oaken spear that even the other Archangels find troublesome to handle.

Corporeal Force – 4
Ethereal Force – 4
Celestial Force – 4
Word Force – 12

Role(s): Several, and all quite well established.

Skills: Portunes basically has whatever skills he needs (Assume /3). However, he is most accomplished when it comes to Detecting Lies, Engineering, Fast Talking, Large Weapons, and Lying (all at /5).

Songs: Anything that deals with barriers, openings, closings, dreams, or water. Assume /4. Any other song appropriate for your game, assume /2 (but don’t give him songs just because. If a skill will do, he’ll use skill).

Attunements: Ofanite of Wind, Elohite of Wind, Malakite of Wind, Malakite of Dreams, Malakim of War, Seraph of Trade, Dream Walking, Passage, Swipe

Distinctions: Vassal of Wind, Friend of the Unseen

Resources: Janus’ Quiris (treat as Gae Bolga Liber Reliquarum p86)