JanusWith the month almost over, it’s time to take a look at how some of the other Archangels view Janus and his mercurial ways. These same attitudes will splash over onto any Servitor of Wind being met for the first time.

Blandine – Janus is my more literal self. He inspires, just like I do. And like me he knows he must go wherever his fancy takes him – but the consequences of doing so on the corporeal plane can be quite severe.

christophersymChristopher – Janus can be a great ally. He brings a child his first breath and his first laugh. He knows that youth can bring the change he so longs for – but do not trust him for a moment. He would steal candy from a babe if it were in his path.David

David – Working with Janus can be difficult. Even communicating with him can be difficult, but we need him. He thinks in ways that would never occur to me.

Seal_of_the_Dominican_OrderDominic – Janus has always been one to break the rules, just and unjust alike. If only there were a way to focus his efforts on the unjust rules.

Eli – For now I’ll follow where Janus blows. He knows some fascinating places.

Seal of GabrielGabriel – Janus is unstable. He moves around me and his changes nourishes me just as wind fuels fire. He is what he is, and contradicts himself because he must.

Jean – There is no storm without the Wind, no innovation without change. I give direction to his chaos and ensure it leads to advancement, not just difference.Jordi

Jordi – Birds and bats and insects all ride the winds. Whatever the others say, Janus has his place but warn your wards to stay away when he rages.

KhalidKhalid – Like all the Archangels, Janus is a servant of the Lord – his change bringing life and faith where none may have been before. However, sometimes he forgets he is an instrument of the lord and acts on his own.

lawrencesymLawrence – He take The War direct to the enemy, and I can respect that. However, he lacks discipline. He can’t just make up new rules whenever it suits him, that’s not how a team works.

allseeingLithroy – Wind can reveal and wind can conceal but the truth does not change. I do not trust Janus, but he can be a valuable ally in speaking truth to a lie.

cyriljersymMarc – Janus is a necessary evil. When markets stagnate or greed takes hold change and unrest are necessary. It is unfortunate that we must endure his larcenous ways encouraging those exact same evils at all other times.

MichaelMichael – Janus is one of our greatest champions. Unfortunately he doesn’t handle endurance well. Neither maintaining an offensive, nor holding a reserve for when it can do the most good. Now if he’d just stop trying to change my word.daisy

Novalis – Change is a part of the woods. What damages Janus wreaks the forest can eventually mend. What he takes from us just spreads our roots to new soil.

athanasiussymYves – Janus is what he is, pure and ever-changing. The chaos he spreads in his wake allows the Symphony to grow and renew itself.

Zadkiel3Zadkiel – Janus is dangerous and unstable. Even when others say he is doing good works, his victims come to me for protection. Does he even know which side he is fighting for?


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