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As you may be aware, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away this weekend. As one of the most conservative and one of the most publicly religious justices on the bench there are any number of stories you could build around his death and replacement.

Malphas, Asmodeus, and Dominic would, of course, be among the prime movers and shakers in any such story, though there is plenty of room for the others. You may notice that I am often hostile to Dominic because he tends to assume that law and order is right. This is one of the opportunities when that Archangel can shine because his objective will be to ensure that the next judge to sit on the court will align law and judgement.

Whether or not he succeeds is a matter for the game (and history) to decide.

But that’s the obvious thing to do. What I actually recommend is that gamemasters observe the various reactions to the news. Already there are concerns arising that Scalia did not die by natural causes (if that were true, which Superior(s) would stand to benefit?).

Also, more than half of congress seems to be dead set on postponing the confirmation of a new Justice. To support their position they are relying upon an “unwritten law” that has never been enforced. Is this behavior being egged on by Malphas, Dominic, Mammon, or Janus? Any one of them might have a reason to keep things in a state of flux.

On the flip side, there are already Democrats speculating that Hillary and Sanders might nominate Obama to the position. While there are any number of Archangels and Demon Princes who might embrace this idea, I cannot see Dominic approving of a man being put in charge of determining the legality of the actions of his own administration.*

* If you want a campaign that is less tied up in contemporary political positions, this theme could also be examined by setting things during the Harding administration – when William Howard Taft was nominated and confirmed as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.