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FurfurAccording to In Nomine canon, Furfur has been a Demon Prince for about 2 decades. Since hardcore hasn’t become a new major influence in our daily life, it’s entirely possible he’s failed as a Prince.

Alternately, he may be a sovereign Prince, but one who has not yet elevated any Dukes.

Both scenarios are quite easy to implement, and I have no problem with either one. However, in order to write a post on Furfur’s upper court I have to assume that he has been at least moderately successful in making one.

The Two Chords

Furfur remains something of a joke throughout the Revelation cycle. Even though his word encompasses the whole of “hardcore,” he remains focused on hardcore music and the culture which surrounds it. The Duke of Metal would oversee this aspect of Furfur’s domain.

However, as I have mentioned previously, the only way I see Furfur succeeding as a Prince is if he starts moving into the area of hardcore belief. This portion of Furfur’s domain would be managed by the Duke of Fans (or Duke of Fanatics).

These two dukes would likely struggle with each other in an attempt to define what shape Furfur’s domain would take as it progresses into the future. The Duke of Metal is Furfur’s favorite, but the Duke of Fans is far more effective.

Whom do you Serve?

Determining which duke a specific character serves under should be fairly easy to determine. Those which focus most heavily on the musical scene and street fighting will most likely be part of the Metal Court. Those who push extreme religious rhetoric or violent political action are better described as part of the Court of Fans.

Because both are courts under Furfur, it’s safe to say that the two would be expected to work together, but managing to make an agent of the other court look bad while still accomplishing your main objective will always be grounds for some recognition from within your own half of Furfur’s organization (even if the Prince himself might frown on the action).

The Third Duke

Because Furfur’s Principality is so new, it is entirely possible that the player characters could be angling to become his third duke. Here are three areas of “hardcore” that don’t really fit into either of the two courts described above.

  • Anything goes wrestling
  • Permanent death incarnation
  • Hardcore pornography

In my own games, I would most likely treat the first two as Furfur’s senior counts and the third as his senior marquis – but if a player indicated that they wanted to vie for one of these positions, I would be willing to hold it open for them for at least a little while (though there would eventually be a rival for the post).