bifronsThere are several days that are particularly convenient for incorporating Ethereals into an In Nomine campaign. Halloween is one. The Ides of March is another.

For one thing, the assassination of Julius Caesar on this day redefined the Roman Empire and through it the western world. For another, it was a festival day – specifically a festival of Jupiter head of the Roman pantheon. Finally, the day itself has become something of a meme.

Admittedly Shakespeare’s anachronistic retelling of the death of Caesar may have something to do with the day’s popularity – but In Nomine isn’t overly concerned with how something becomes a focus of attention and worship, only that it is one.

As such, it is would be a particularly appropriate (or portentious) day for the Olympians to make their presence felt within an ongoing campaign. The gods of Greece and Rome are not actually the same, but they are similar enough that the developers of In Nomine decided that for the purposes of the game they would be the same gods, albeit ones who donned new masks after a time.


For a more traditional game you can instead chose to associate the day with Janus. As this blog has previously discussed, Janus ingrained himself into the Roman pantheon and has a strong connection with beginnings and endings. Bringing about the change from Republic to Empire by clandestine means would be right up his ally- and given how important the Roman Empire eventually proved in Christianity’s expansion…