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Sigil of Haagenti - GoetiaIf you’ve been tracking my posts on the Dukes of Hell, you’ll have noticed that Haagenti is the next Demon Prince due for a treatement. And in truth, I did design a Council of Dukes for him – then lost it in a computer crash.

But when it came time to rebuild the council I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I had realized that there were two completely distinct design philosophies and either one could do the job.

Now my time is up, and since I could not make up my mind, I will present both.

What We Know

cover_lgHaagenti’s greater nobility is actually better defined in canon than that of most Demon Princes. We know that most of his nobles have ostentatious titles, that one of them is “Her Magnificence the Duchess of Chocolate,” and at least two others are wordbound to Tobacco and Alcohol.

Also that Kobal plays a large role in recommending elevations and those demons who can’t cut it are literally devoured by their subordinates.

The Court of Flavors

The first organizing principle I used was flavors, and it probably remains the stronger of the two choices.

  • The Extremely Spirited Duke of Alcohol
  • The Right Honorable Duke of Bitters
  • Her Magnificence the Duchess  of Chocolate
  • Her Illustriousness the Duchess of Pungency
  • The Most Well Preserved Duchess of Salt
  • One’s Grace the Duke of Sours
  • His Eminence the Duke of Sweets
  • Their Serenity the Duke of Tobacco
  • That Most Proufound Duke of Umami

The Court of Gluttonies

The second organizing principle would be to focus on the different kinds of gluttony. While I personally like this approach a great deal, it doesn’t fit as well with Chocolate, Tobacco, and Alcohol.

  • Her Worshipfulness the Duchess of Ardenter
  • The Iracible Duke of Forente
  • The Grandiouse Duchess of Laute
  • One’s Beatitude the Duke of Nimis
  • His Apogee the Duke of Praepropere
  • That Most Particular Duke of Studiose

For definitions of these ducal Words, see the Wikipedia entry on Gluttony.

Incorporating Both

The easiest way to incorporate both courts is to have one precede the other. Since we don’t much talk about the types of gluttony, perhaps they were the original Dukes and through sloth or inattention they got devoured by younger, hungrier demons.


Photo by Lofor
CC BY-SA 3.0

You Are Here

Haagenti is headquartered in Shal-Mari, along with Andrealphus, Fleurity, Furfur, Kobal, Lilith, and Mammon. As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t enough room in the pleasure district for all the Duchies that these Princes support.

Since Haagenti devoured Mariel and Messerach, he may have some additional territory in Perdition and Stygia.