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Leonard“Have you seen the world? No one god could have made this mess”

Shortly after the fall there was not one but many demon lords who turned to the exploration of the Marches. While Beleth was far and away the strongest, Leonard was one of the most clever. While the rest of Hell was embroiled in its civil war, the fallen Elohite Marquis of Beelzebub led a company of knights from the Order of the Fly into the far realms in an effort to corrupt the gods who lived there and convince them to steal human faith.


Leonard is a non-canon superior. See Former Demon Princes.

If God would not stand by his angels, Leonard would punish him by getting others to take his worship. If humans did not stand by god, they deserved all the hardships the lesser gods of the Marches would impose upon them. It was an equitable and poetic solution to the Habbalite who hoped the lord of heaven would recognize the loss of the essence and thus see the error of His ways.

Leonard returned with his new allies just in time. Belial took charge of the most nightmarish, and Lucifer granted the Habbalite a princedom so that he could treat with the others as an equal. For a time he sat among his peers in council. His ravaged appearance combined with the artifacts and finery from multiple pantheons giving him the appearance of a great goat-headed Pirate. But the new Prince did not stay in Hell long, he was unwilling to play the game or make peace with it’s most public opponent.

Unfortunately, his return to the Marches did not go well either. Rather than learn from his errors, God sent the fanatic Uriel to start purging those gods with whom Leonard had made the most progress. At first this strengthened Leonard’s hand (he’d been stoking their paranoia about the Malakim for ages), but ultimately his emotions got the better of him and the Demon Prince committed himself and his forces to the defense of his allies.

Defeated and alone, Leonard died far from heaven or hell.

Most of Leonard’s servitors were killed in his final battle with Uriel. Those who survived the route either scattered into the Far Marches or joined with Baal or Beleth.


Servitors of Leonard have two distinct dissonance conditions. First, they gain dissonance if they directly cause a mortal to pray to the God in heaven. Second, they gain dissonance for starting a fight with an ethereal god.

Note: If Leonard orders the demon to attack an ethereal there is no dissonance. Leonard’s the one starting the fight, the servitor is just his instrument. However, this only works if there is no ambiguity.

Band Attunements

Balseraphrestricted – Liars act as Leonard’s priests and prophets. When using their resonance they can influence a number of people equal to their Willpower and only suffer rebound if the majority of the targets succeed on their Will roll to resist.

Djinnrestricted – With a successful Resonance roll, the Stalkers of False Gods can attune themselves to Ethereals through their mortal soldiers and worshipers.

Calabim – Leonard’s Destroyers act as the Prince’s enforcers. They are masters of pulling apart the elements of a dream. Add their Ethereal Forces to any Hits they do to an Ethereal.

Habbalah – Unless known by name, attempts to track, detect, or research this demon will instead point to an Ethereal (or Ethereal Tether) within Corporeal Force miles of them.

Lilimrestricted – When the Lilim of False Gods witness someone praying to an Ethereal, they can automatically determine what that person needs. Only the Check Digit must be rolled.

Shedim – Leonard’s Corruptors may add their Celestial Forces to the TN of any Fast Talk, or Knoweldge roll pertaining to matters of faith and Religion.

Impuditesrestricted – These demons may use their resonance to tap the essence of any tether so long as it is not divine.

Servitor Attunements


This attunement allows Leonard’s servitors to disguise themselves as their most hated enemy. The transformation requires essence equal to the demon’s Celestial Forces and requires the following binding vows:

  • “I shall never reveal my allegiance to hell”
  • “I shall suffer no gods to live”

The vows last until the following sundown and violating them generates dissonance. However, until the effect ends the demon appears to be one of the Malakim. This affects their aura and numinous corpus as well as their Celestial Form. Seraphim can see the truth, but only if they look for it and succeed on a resonance roll.

If Baal or Beleth has managed to find a servitor who knows the Blackwing attunement, they have not shared this information with the rest of Hell.

Dream Walking

The servants of Leonard have learned to enter the Marches through the minds of a human (much like the servitors of Blandine and Beleth). The human must be asleep and in the Far Marches. The demon must have seen the human before, must also be alseep, and must succeed on a Perception check (+2 TN if the human and demon are touching).

If the demon succeeds the CD represents how many minutes the demon may remain in the dreamscape. If the demon fails it represents how many minutes must go by before the demon can try again.


Knight of Idols – The Knight can tell with a touch how much veneration an object receives and how frequently. This also reveals whether or not the item is a reliquary.

Captain of Polytheism – When detecting a disturbance in the Symphony these demons will automatically know if it was created by an Ethereal and what its strongest Affinities are.

Baron of Pantheons – This demon is qualified to act as an independent special ambassador to the Far Marches. They may ignore any negative feature of a domain unless specifically targeted by the domain’s master.


  • Convert a mortal to the worship of an Ethereal
  • Generate 3 or more Essence for Ethereals over the course of a day


Allied – Beelzebub
Associated – Baal, Lilith
Hostile – Beleth, Malphas
Enemies – Asmodeus


Chance of Invocation: 1

Invocation Modifiers

+1 A polished horn
+2 A graven image
+3 An aborted goat
+4 A pagan ritual of 20 or more
+5 A Stupa, Pyramid, Wat, or equivalent
+6 The presence of an ethereal god
+8 … who is a Superior