There’s one resource that tends to exist in several point-buy systems, but which is conspicuously missing from In Nomine: Allies.

Originally I thought this was due to the high degree of potential overlap between Allies and Servants – but given the number of other overlaps in the system, I don’t really think that’s the issue.

A Servant is effectively an NPC you can boss around. An Ally is a touch more complex. Servants can be compelled to say yes, Allies not so much. This means that Allies are also free to be much more powerful or nebulous than Servants.

This is still in rough form, but here’s how I would handle the resource.


For Ethereal and Celestial Allies use Celestial Forces + Distinctions for their Status.


Pick an individual or organization that you have as an ally (subject to GM approval). The TN to contact your ally is your Reaction TN + Ranks in this Resource – the Status of the Ally.

Your ally will get back to you in 7 – CD days.

As a default the Reaction of an ally will be 4 + Ranks in Resource – Status of Ally. However, in-game treatment of your allies can influence their actual Reaction level.


As I said, this is a rough and untested Resource. I’d be interested to hear what edits folks would make (and if you do play with it, I’d love a field report).