So there are some new projects in the works.

  • I’ve already tipped my hand to the fact that I’m working on a list of Tethers for the State of Ohio (sort of like what I did previously for the Tethers of San Francisco).
  • I’ve also been giving Discords another look, both in terms of concepts that are not represented and also with an eye towards some potentially major homebrew suggestions.
  • I’m also starting to build up some ideas for a major campaign arc, not unlike the five volume Revelations cycle put out by Steve Jackson Games.

All of this will take time. Time that would potentially disrupt my regular posting schedule.

As a result I have started building up a rather impressive reserve of NPCs. Expect a good chunk of my posts going forward to come from this reserve.

I will also continue to post thoughts on the various Infernal Duchies and suggest Archangel Playlists. However, I am no longer committing to turn these out on a once-per-month basis.

I probably won’t get the chance to review Storium: In Nomine, so if you have any links or reviews – just go ahead and post them. I promise I won’t feel bad.

Thanks for sticking with me, and I hope you like some of the new NPCs.