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Before I started working on my NPC reserve – I took quick stock of the existing NPCs for each superior. I should have done so a long time ago. It’s fascinating to see what bands and choirs are popular and unpopular for each of the Superiors.

This week I am focusing on the Choir distribution in Heaven. Next week I will focus on the Band distribution in Hell.

Blandine – Dreams

Common: Cherubim
Rare: Seraphim, Malakim

David – Stone

Common: Cherubim, Malakim
Rare: Seraphim, Ofanim, Kyriotates

Dominic – Judgement

Common: Seraphim, Cherubim
Rare: None

Eli – Creation

Common: Seraphim, Elohim
Rare: Cherubim, Ofanim, Kyriotates

Gabriel – Fire

Common: None
Rare: None

Gabriel has a very even distribution of servitors. Mercurians and Ofanim have slightly greater numbers than the other choirs, but not by enough to be considered her “common” choirs.

Janus – Wind

Common: None
Rare: Cherub

Jean – Lightning

Common: None
Rare: None

Jean also has a very even distribution. Mercurians and Seraphim lag slightly behind the other choirs in terms of numbers, but not by enough to be considered “rare” choirs.

Jordi – Animals

Common: Kyriotates
Rare: Mercurians

Half of all Jordi’s servitors are Kyriotates. It’s an arrangement that gives a lot of character to his Word – but if you want a more even distribution I suggest you read To Say Nothing of the Beasts.

Lawrence – The Sword

Common: Malakim
Rare: Elohim, Kyriotates, Mercurians

Half of all Lawrence’s servitors are Malakim, and there’s not really much to be done about that. As written, Lawrence focuses heavily on Virtues.

Marc – Trade

Common: Elohim
Rare: Malakim

Michael – War

Common: Cherubim, Mercurians
Rare: Kyriotates

Novalis – Flowers

Common: Cherubim, Mercurians
Rare:  Seraphim, Ofanim

Yves – Destiny

Common: Malakim
Rare: Ofanim, Kyriotates

Other Superiors

I have left Christopher, Khalid, Lithroy, Metatron, Oannes, Raphael, Uriel, and Zadkiel off the main list because they don’t have enough identified servitors to make a determination of tendency.

Final Thoughts

I was not particularly surprised to find that Cherubim were the most common choir and Kyriotates the least common. Guardian angels are an existing trope, one that’s easy for an author to think of and tap into. In contrast, Kyriotates were designed to seem alien (it’s rather telling that the only Superior where they are common is the superior that focuses on non-human creatures).

My personal take is that the individual Superior lists could be a useful tool in further exploring the nature of each word, but that the ubiquity of Cherubim and paucity of Kyriotates should be taken with a grain of salt.