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datura-stramonium-844548_960_720Datura is known by many names. As a man he styles himself as Jim Weed, as a woman she’s Ms. Thornapple, while off duty they prefer Moonflower. Regardless of context demons will use “Devil’s Snare.” By any name, Datura looks like a figure from Haight Ashbury who arrived by way of Alfons Mucha’s art. Their cream and lavender draping is simultaneously plain and elegant.

She is peaceful, laid back, and divinely inspired when it comes to what questions he should ask of those high on his presence (being around Datura is like taking a hit of Atropine).

Like most agents of Novalis, she prefers to avoid violence if she can help it. However, he has been known to send mortal and demon alike into deep sleeps from which they never awake.

Duranda, Seraph Angel of Devil’s Snare

aka Jim Weed, Ms. Thornapple, Moonflower, and Devil’s Snare

Corporeal Forces: 4 [Str 10, Agi 6]
Ethereal Forces: 5 [Int 10, Pre 10]
Celestial Forces: 6 [Will 12, Per 12]
Word Forces: 5

Vessel: Several Human/2 vessels
Role: Dilettante 5/6

Songs (all at /5): Charm* (Corporeal, Ethereal, Celestial), Calling (Ethereal), Daydreams (Ethereal), Draining (Ethereal, Celestial), Dreams* (Corporeal, Ethereal, Celestial), Entropy (Celestial), Form (Celestial), Harmony* (Corporeal, Ethereal, Celestial), Healing* (Corporeal, Ethereal, Celestial), Ice (Ethereal), Memory (Ethereal), Nightmares (Ethereal), Opening (Ethereal, Celestial), Poison (Ethereal), Seals (Celestial), Sensation (Celestial), Silence (Celestial), Sleep (Ethereal), Solace (Corporeal, Ethereal), Succor (Corporeal, Ethereal), Truthswearing (Celestial)

* Virtuoso

Skills: Chemistry/4, Dancing/4, Detect Lies/6, Dreaming/4, Emote/4, Fast Talk/4, Healing/4, Savoir-Faire/5


  • Seraph of Flowers
  • Malakite of Flowers
  • Crown of Joy
    Duranda’s Crown of Joy also applies one dose of Atropine


  • Angel of Devil’s Snare (Wordbound)
  • Vassal of Flowers
  • Friend of the Gardeners
  • Master of Peace

New Drug: Atropine

  • For now use the same rules as LSD (Corporeal Players Guide p126)
  • Also penalize Strength
  • User passes out rather than losing traits permanently