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Before I started working on my NPC reserve – I took quick stock of the existing NPCs for each superior. I should have done so a long time ago. It’s fascinating to see what bands and choirs are popular and unpopular for each of the Superiors.

This week I am focusing on the Band distribution in Hell. Last week I focused on the Choir distribution in Heaven.

Alaemon – Secrets

Common: Impudites
Rare: Djinn, Calabim

Andrealphus – Lust

Common: Habbalah
Rare: Calabim

Asmodeus – The Game

Common: Balseraphs
Rare: Lilim

Roughly one out of every three Servitors of The Game is a Balseraph.

Baal – The War

Common: None
Rare: Calabim, Lilim

Beleth – Nightmares

Common: Balseraphs
Rare: Lilim

Roughly one out of every three Servitors of Nightmares is a Balseraph

Belial – Fire

Common: Calabim
Rare: Impudites

Roughly half of all Infernal Servitors of Fire are Calabim. Given Belial’s destructive tendencies, this is probably as it should be.

Fleurity – Drugs

Common: Djinn
Rare: Habbalah

Haagenti – Gluttony

Common: None
Rare: Lilim

Kobal – Dark Humor

Common: Habbalah, Impudites
Rare: Lilim

Roughly one out of every three Servitors of Dark Humor is an Impudite.

Kronos – Dark Fate

Common: Balseraphs
Rare: Calabim, Lilim

More than one out of every three Servitors of Fate is a Balseraph.

Lilith – Freedom

Common: Lilim
Rare: Everything Else

Malphas – Factions

Common: None
Rare: Lilim

Mammon – Greed

Common: Balseraphs
Rare: Calabim, Shedim

Nybbas – Media

Common: Balseraphs, Impudites
Rare: Calabim, Habbalah

Roughly one out of every three Servitors of Media is a Balseraph.

Saminga – Death

Common: Calabim
Rare: Lilim, Impudites

Roughly one out of every three Servitors of Death is a Calabite.

Valefor – Theft

Common: Balseraphs, Impudites
Rare: Habbalah, Lilim

Vapula – Technology

Common: Balseraphs
Rare: Shedim
Absent: Calabim

Roughly half of all Servitors of Technology are Balseraphs.

Final Thoughts

The demographics of Hell are much more uneven than those of heaven. More than half the courts have one band that dominates at least a third of the court.

Balseraphs are easily the most common Band. There are about twice as many Liars as there are of any other single band (with the exception of Impudites, who are still a distant runner up).

The losers are Lilim (who are the least common Band in half the courts) and Shedim (which do not manage to take the #1 spot in any court).

In truth, I have no idea why this happened. Yes, the lying demon is certainly a major trope, but so are the tempting and corrupting demons. The only possible answer that I can come up with is that a Balseraph was taking the tally.

Personally, I intend to disregard the results where Balseraphs were the most common unless it makes particular sense for the Superior (like Asmodeus). Similarly, I will probably ignore results where Lilim showed up the least unless it makes sense from a conceptual POV (like for Saminga).