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Last week I posted a BBC story titled “Indonesia police confiscate sex toy mistaken for angel.”

My goal was not to titillate, mock, or condemn, but to highlight a story from the real world that can be used as inspiration for an adventure seed. What I didn’t have was the time to write it up.

Before I get started there are three things I want to change

  1. The Setting: I know almost nothing about Indonesia and even less about the bidadari. The angel in my story will be an agent of inspiration, but that’s about as far as the similarity will go.
  2. The Tone: The BBC story and several others like it are smug and condescending. The reasons for this are buried more in western culture than in anything relevant to the story. We don’t need it.
  3. The Truth: In Nomine is set in a world where angels and demons are unmistakably real. Within that world, it is not a sex toy* mistaken for being an angel – but an angel mistaken for being a sex toy.

* There is an interesting ontological question here. Is a “sex toy” a sex toy if it is never used for the purpose of sex. Is a holy icon ever less of a holy icon because of how others imagine it?

The Brief

With these changes in place, I feel like the scenario writes itself

  • A Servitor of Blandine washes ashore in a paralyzed vessel
  • A local finds the angel and recognizes her as divine
  • The local cares for the angel and takes care of its needs
  • The local rediscovers their dreams and turns their life around
  • Word spreads, more people visit the angel including a Soldier of Hell
  • [Infernal Campaign Begins Here]
  • Recurring villain (or Asmodeus) uses infernal party to kidnap the angel
    If the PCs are not demons, then the villain uses the local police
  • Nybbas starts spreading the story of “the sex toy mistaken for an angel”
  • [Angelic Campain Begins Here]
  • Khalid sends group (angelic party) to investigate the incident
  • Heaven mounts assault to recover the lost angel
    If the PCs are not angels, heaven sends a small squad of Malakim

Why is the Angel Paralyzed

Good question. If you’re running an ongoing campaign, this would be a good time to start introducing the next villain you want the party to face.

However, if this is going to be a stand alone scenario or if you haven’t planned that far ahead, I would suggest that the angel was assaulted by some eldrich horror from the far marches. Whichever side successfully interrogates/debriefs the angel first will have a head start in finding and either capturing or killing the monstrosity.

Your Thoughts?

Is this an adventure seed you’d want to use? What would you change? What other resources would you want?