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17-raging-cajun-bbq.w529.h529Earlier this week a man cooked the family dog in his smoker and blamed it on Satan.

As with other stories from the news that involve angels and devils, this episode could be turned into an adventure hook. But we’ve done that recently. Alternately you could declare, “I did that.”

Now, before I go any further: of course I’m not suggestion that you barbecued the family pet (nor considered it the more humane option to slow roasting your child). What I am suggesting is that you can insert your character into this news story.

I Did That

There are several tricks you can use if you’re trying to figure out what your character has been up to between adventures. Stories like this one offer particularly fertile ground for brainstorming. A Balseraph or Shedite could easily insert themself into this narrative, especially if they serve Belial, Fleurity, or Asmodeus. So could Servitors of Gabriel or Dominic.

Inserting your character into real news stories can help establish your personality and methods in ways that normal play cannot.

Often times the needs of an unfolding narrative prevent the sort of gradual corruption that demons are supposedly on the corporeal plane to advance. Finding your character in the news remedies this problem. It’s a way to say these are my targets, these are my tricks – and look I did something that had an impact.

The Sacred and the Mundane

Stories that include mentions of angels or the devil are actually the low hanging fruit, and arguably signs of sloppy work (most In Nomine celestials do try to hide their involvement in mortal affairs). In truth, any news story is fair game. Taking credit for a recent spate of potholes around your game’s hometown might actually make for a far more interesting story.

Just be sure to run any such efforts by your GM. They might also have plans for a given news story.