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tumblr_o4kkilIldb1u9djyco1_1280Festinate is a “time study man.” His focus is on making things run more quickly and efficiently. The Ofanite takes the same outlook with him regardless of whether he is making the rounds as an office consultant on Earth or performing preparedness drills for the host at the behest of his Superior, Lawrence.

He is also a surprisingly selfless Angel for one whose duties regularly require protracted contests of will. He was a senior lieutenant in Uriel‘s crusade against Beelzebub and a Major in Lawrence’s fight against Meserach. However, after the Demon Prince of Sloth was killed by members of his own faction Festinate began to feel out of place and asked Lawrence for permission to be diminished.

Lawrence accepted, and spread the bulk of Festinate’s forces among a new generation of Ofanim. In spite of his history, Festinate is barely more powerful than a newly fledged angel… unless you count his allies.

lawrencesymFestinate, Ofanite Friend of the Lord’s Armies

Corporeal Forces:
2 [Str 3, Agi 5]
Ethereal Forces: 4 [Int 7, Pre 9]
Celestial Forces: 4 [Will 9, Per 7]

Vessel: Human /2 +1 Charisma (Competent)
Role: Efficiency Consultant 6/4

Songs: Direction (all) /1, Opening (all) /1, Seals (all) /1, Unity (Celestial)/1
Skills: Detect Lies /2, Dodge /4, Emote /3, Fast Talk /3, Running /4, Savoir Faire /4, Small Weapon /5, Tactics /5

Allies: Pick any one celestial organization relevant to the task at hand. Assume that Festinate has the relevant Allies Resource at /4.

NOTE: part of why Festinate has so many allies is that he does not call on them frivolously. If the party has a good plan and has been actively improving their efficiency, Festinate may call in a favor to encourage them. If he instead has to use the favor to bail them out, expect him to be turning in a poor performance report to Lawrence and the PC’s own bosses.

Corporeal Artifacts: Pocket watch/1, Gladius (Short Sword)/1


  • Ofanite of the Sword
  • Ofanite of Purity


  • Vassal of the Sword
  • Friend of the Lord’s Armies