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Sign of SaturnNot much is written on Kronos hierarchy (at least not outside his own archives). What is available can be found in Revelations III.

Kronos uses titles of nobility for his higher distinctions. Officially each title matches the Word of the Servitor that holds it (Kronos only considers Wordbound demons for his highest distinctions). However, a powerful word is not enough for promotion within the Archives. A demon must also know their own motivations and know that they can best serve those motivations by serving Kronos (actual loyalty is too much to expect, and Kronos probably would not trust someone who showed it).

And as far as outside duties go, that is entirely accurate.

Inside the Archives things are a bit different. If each Duke were only responsible for those aspects of the archive relating to their own word, most of the library would be under no one’s jurisdiction. This would be contrary to Kronos whole outlook.

Instead, each Duke has been assigned an hour for which they are entirely responsible. Not that this means they get any time off; it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere. Some records stay securely within one hour of the archives, others migrate from hour to hour. When this happens each Duke has the opportunity to audit the work of the Duke previous.

Not all Dukes care for this sort of work, but those that do are often able to use the errors of their preceding hour as leverage when trying to change the policies of the Archives as a whole. Finding errors elsewhere in the archives is also possible, but that might require the Duke to explain why their staff was so far out of their own section.

Numbering the Hours

angelwithaclockThere are different methods of numbering the hours, depending on how many Dukes you want to have. Personally partial to Kronos having 8 Dukes and so I use the liturgical hours:

  • The Archivist of Vespers
  • The Archivist of Compline
  • The Archivist of Matins
  • The Archivist of Lauds
  • The Archivist of Prime
  • The Archivist of Terce
  • The Archivist of Sext
  • The Archivist of None

Each of the standard hours within the liturgical hour would then be the office of a Count (with a number of “free” Counts so that I wouldn’t be bound to exactly 24).

Clock Face Variation

If you prefer having 12 or 13 Dukes, you would be better served by naming them after the planetary hours.

  • Archivist of the First Hour
  • Archivist of the Second Hour
  • &c.

The Thirteenth Hour would be the witching hour – which is not all that unreasonable for Kronos, seeing as the Demoness of Sorcery is one of his Servitors.

If you use this model, I would give each Duke two Marquis and three Counts

  • The Antimeridian Marquis of the X hour
  • The Postmeridian Marquis of the X hour
  • The Count of Quarter Past X hour
  • The Count of Half Past X hour
  • The Count of the Last Quarter of X hour

This is a deviation from my normal policy of having Marquis represent the overlap between Words, but Kronos is such a stickler for precision that he might well have those marquis serve one function outside the archives and another within them.