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JordiRzhani is one of the few Servitors of Jordi to have made significant inroads into human/animal relations. The strength, speed, and majesty of horses have convinced many a human to treat the beasts as partners and equals.

That said, far too many humans still treat their horses as tools and burdens. Rzhani has no problem trampling such fools underhoof and dealing with the resulting dissonance after the fact.

Rzhani, Mercurian Angel of Horses

Master of the Creature Within

Corporeal Forces: 5 [Str 11, Agi 9]
Ethereal Forces: 3 [Int 4, Pre 8]
Celestial Forces: 5 [Will 9, Per 11]
Word Forces: 14

Vessel: Horse/5, Human/2

Songs: Attraction (Ethereal/4), Beasts (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/2), Calling (Corporeal/2), Dreams (Corporeal/2), Form (Celestial/2), Might (Corporeal/2), Motion (Corporeal/2), Nemesis (Celestial/2), Nightmares (Corporeal/2), Transfiguration/2, Unity (Celestial/2)
Skills: Dodge/4, Emote/4, Escape/4, Fighting/4, Running/4, Survival (Plains)/4


  • Angel of Horses (Wordbound)
  • Mercurian of Animals
  • Mercurian of the Sword
  • Animal Magnitism


  • Vassal of Animals
  • Friend of Beasts
  • Master of the Creature Within

Special Rites

  • Ride a horse for 8 hours without inflicting pain or injury
  • Spend 24 hours as a horse (2 Essence)