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Die_Gartenlaube_(1887)_b_705_2Abgoth is a relatively minor functionary among the Keys. He wouldn’t have it any other way. Greater responsibility means greater scrutiny, and greater scrutiny means fewer secrets he can call his own.

In particular he likes his trick for taking unsanctioned trips to earth. Abgoth slipped just enough of his name into a mortal grimoire* to allow overconfident Sorcerers to summon him. He cares little for the battle of wills, and instead enjoys the battle of wits that follows.


* Abgoth makes an appearance in the 15th Century text The Munich Handbook.

He likes trading with sorcerers. Secrets for secrets. Favors for finding. Generally speaking he’s tricked his master into freeing him well before he finally “escapes” back to hell – and having a scapegoat he can hang his disturbances on is never a bad thing.

So long as Abgoth shares enough new secrets to justify his time away, he can usually get by with only mild punishments from Alaemon – but only usually.

Abgoth, Djinn of Secrets

Corporeal Forces: 2 [Str 5, Agi 3]
Ethereal Forces: 5 [Int 9, Pre 11]
Celestial Forces: 3 [Will 4, Per 8]

Songs: Charm (Ethereal)/3, Direction (Ethereal)/2, Freedom (Ethereal)/3, Nightmares (Ethereal)/2, Opening (Ethereal)/2, Silence (Ethereal)/3
Skills: Escape/4, Fast Talk/5, Fighting/2, Move Silent/4


  • Djinn of Secrets
  • Seal of the Confessional