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Seal of GabrielGabriel holds an interesting place within In Nomine. She is fire and pain; vengeance and healing; transformation and prophecy. I have done my best to incorporate all of these themes into her playlist while still collecting music from a variety of genres.

The end result contains much more anguish than was present for any of the other Superiors, but I think it fits Gabriel well.

Birjina Gaztetto Bat Zegoen – Aquabella

Play With Fire – Roling Stones

Wytches Chant – Inkubus Sukkubus

Go To Hell – Nina Simone

I Burned Your Letter – Ruth Brown

Tell Me a Story – Skylar Kergil

Fire And Ice – Bat Benatar

Lost Angel – Mya Byrne

Vengeance – Garmarna

Light My Fire – The Doors

El Cant de la Sibilla – Maria Del Mar Bonet

Suite from Seven – Howard Shore

Atash Nyayesh – Mobed Firouzgary

Firebird Suite – Stravinsky

Cleansed By Fire – Alice Cooper

Break Free – Ruby Rose

Voluspa – Duivelspak

Slow Burn – David Bowie

Thorn in Your Side 2 – Namoli Brennet

Family Portrait – P!nk

Fire – Jimi Hendrix

Gabriel’s Message– Sting