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The Wicked + The Divine is an ongoing comic that started in 2014. Written by Kieron Gillen and Illustrated by Jamie McKelvie, it shines a light on brilliance and mortality through the lens of pop stars and divinity.

The premise is relatively straightforward. Every ninety years twelve people will discover that they are reincarnated deities. Overnight they become famous, powerful, and robbed of many of their inhibitions. It’s not that the god’s are evil per-se, but once incarnated they have only two years to live.

The premise is also likely a lie.

Better to Burn Out than to Fade Away

Every single one of the gods in The Wicked + The Divine is a pop star (though each is aligned with a slightly different musical subculture). Indeed the Bowiesque Lucifer and Kanye-like Baal are reason enough for an In-Nomine lover to give the series a chance.

wicdivluciwicdivbaalAnd much as it is with Celestials in In-Nomine, the Pantheon of The Wicked + The Divine are both most powerful and most vulnerable while singing (though there’s also great destructive potential counting out a beat and clicking one’s fingers).

Pop Stars and the Symphony

As you’ve probably realized – there is no one-to-one correlation here between The Wicked + The Divine and the world of In Nomine. You could present the gods using the rules for Ethereals, but it would likely do both worlds a disservice.

No, The Wicked + The Divine is better seen as a source of inspiration. A different take on how divinity, intrigue, stardom, music, and power would interact. It also gives some insight on how you might want to reshape the world if Angels & Demons act openly (and what sorts of limits you might still want to place upon them).

But, of course, the real reason to read The Wicked + The Divine is because it is a well written and beautifully illustrated story. At least that’s my take. What’s yours?