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tumblr_o2rtkwc2UG1u9djyco1_1280Skint is a parsimonious little Imp of Greed that somehow managed to beg, bribe, or steal her way into a human vessel. Unfortunately, once she took it for a test drive she discovered that it didn’t quite look or feel how she was expecting. Since she was hardly in a position to demand a different body from hell, she’s been making “after market” modifications to the body she has so that she can at least consider it to be a work of art.

Of course this also means that Skint lives up to her name. If there isn’t ink, piercing, scarification or surgery involved, it’s rare for her to have so much as two quarters to rub together. She’s become a delightfully self-serving little anarchist; inviting herself into homes, crashing in squats, dumpster diving, mooching off of friends, and yelling anti-establishment slogans whenever she’s got an appreciative audience.

When she burns up too much goodwill in one place she skips town and sets up somewhere new. Of course the one creditor whom she really wants to avoid is unlikely to be dissuaded by anything so mundane as physical distance.

Skint is a demon of an appropriate power level to be included as a PC in a human campaign.

Skint, Renegade Imp

Sigil of Mammon - Aramaic + Alchemical Gold & SilverCorporeal Forces: 1 [Str 2, Agi 2]
Ethereal Forces: 2 [Int 5, Pre 3]
Celestial Forces: 3 [Will 7, Per 5]

Vessel: Human /3
Role: Anarchist 4/1

Songs: Possession /3
Skills: Artisan (Scarification) /3, Emote /2, Escape /4, Fast Talk /3, Lying /5


  • Geas (Lilim of Greed) /3 x3
  • Need (Body Modification) /1
  • Spendthrift /3

New Discord: Spendthrift

Whenever this character comes into money they must succeed on a Willpower – Spendthrift roll or spend the full amount within a week.