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Sigil of Nibhaz - Provenance UnknownA couple years ago I pointed out how the devices granted by the Archangel of Lightning and Demon of Technology were now outdated. However, they are not the only Princes whose official material has not kept up with the time.

IRC Channels and BBSes were all the rage when In Nomine came out. They were good hubs for techies and nerds, but hardly powerhouses of media. That changed with Facebook and Twitter (and Redit and Pinterest and…).

Social Media is Media, and Nybbas has most definitely taken note. While all manner of demons have made use of the new technology, it has become the new semi-permanent home of his Habbalah. Some are still sticking with “psychic friends networks,” but hordes of like minded webusers provide much more cover for the types of emotional waves that Punishers tend to make.

But perhaps even more importantly – the interactive nature of Social Media has opened up a new type of Servant; the “follower.”

New Servant Class: Follower

While a typical human is a Class 4 servant, a “follower” is only Class 2. However, followers are online only and there are certain skill limitations.

  • Followers are not symphonically aware
  • Followers do not have songs
  • Followers do not have access to “online skills” at a level greater than the resource.

Computer Operation is the online skill that most folks are interested in (getting a master-hacker on your side still takes at least a little investment), but Emote, Languages, and Lying would all also have their uses.

Meeting a follower in person or compelling them to perform an action offline will automatically revert them to being full Class 4 human follower (effectively halving the level of the resource) and will be heavily opposed (doubling the follower’s will to resist).

It should be noted that the resource “followers” just reflects those individuals that the character has direct influence over. The actual social media footprint of the character will be much larger.

Media and Followers

Sometimes, instead of giving one highly competent Servant, Nybbas will instead give his servitors a throng of less qualified followers. Players and GMs should decide together at character creation which option makes the most sense.

New Luminaries

This new landscape of interactive media has likely given rise to new wordbound as well. Here are some of my thoughts on what kind of demons might oversee certain online (and related) activities – but I would also encourage you to leave some of these roles vacant in case your players want to try for one of them.

  • Demon of Casual Gaming – Djinn of Nybbas*
  • Demon of Clicktivism – Balseraph of Kronos (secondary resonance Malakite)
  • Demon of Doxxing – Habbalah of Nybbas
  • Demon of Memes – Djinn of Nybbas
  • Demon of Swatting – Habbalah of Kobal
  • Demon of Trolling – Balseraph of Malphas

* Since this does involve gaming, there’s a good chance the demon is a double agent for Asmodeus.