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Lichtenberg Figure in Block of Plexiglass by Burt Hickman

“Lichtenberg” has left the service of Hell and is trying to Redeem. She has even managed to secure Jean as a sponsor on the strength of some intelligence she could possibly share (Lichtenberg previously served Alaemon and spied on Vapula). Unfortunately, the information has been locked away by a Seal of the Confessional.

Once Lichtenberg ascends to heaven, she will be able to share it. Unfortunately, as a demon she can’t – and while Jean could cut away Lichtenberg’s corrupted forces, doing so would risk losing the very information that makes the demoness valuable. Instead, the pair have teamed up to try and re-teach Lichtenberg how to be selfless and surrender herself to the moment.

It’s not something that comes easily to the renegade and her frustration with herself is palpable. For Lichtenberg to take on her Ofanite aspect she has to lose herself to her aura of chaos. If she loses control it could untold damage to the Symphony around her. So far, the only way Lichtenberg can only find the right state of mind is by first singing the Song of Numinous Corpus: Lightning.

“Lichtenberg,” Renegade Calabite

In service to Lightning

Corporeal Forces: 2 [Str 5, Agi 3]
Ethereal Forces: 4 [Int 9, Pre 7]
Celestial Forces: 3 [Will 8, Per 4]

Vessel: Human/3
Role: Hacker/5, Status/2

Songs: Machines (Corporeal/4, Celestial/4), Numinous Corpus (Lightning/3)
Skills: Computer Use/6, Dodge/3, Electronics/3 Fast Talk/3, Fight/3, Move Silently/3, Running/3


  • Calabite of Lightning (see below)


  • Discolored/1 – Obvious Lightning Burns (Corporeal)
  • Fear (Losing Control)/3 – Calabite Discord (Ethereal)
  • Merciful/3 (Ethereal)

Lichtenberg is an appropriate power level for a starting character – but you may not want to begin the game with a Renegade demon who has already found an Angelic sponsor.

New Attunement: Calabite of Lightning (restricted)

Electricity courses through this demon. Add together all three dice when determining how many Hits their resonance does. Since this is angelic power, the demon will also take CD Hits of damage.

Note: When a Calabite of Lightning finishes their redemption they automatically lose this attunement and gain Ofanite of Lightning.

New Song: Numinous Corpus – Lightning

The performer of this song takes on the form of living electricity. This form allows the singer to make one use of the Ofanite of Lightning Attunement. Once the singer exits from their conductor they will return to their normal form.

Cost and Duration as Numinous Corpus