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Sigil of Belial - GoetiaOnce upon a time Sinetway was one of Gabriel‘s Mercurians, doing his part to help self-destructive humans get their shit together. He honestly thought it was his calling and maybe it even was, but it’s hard for him to imagine now.

Humans are chumps and idiots. Sure, he’ll listen to their problems over his award winning barbecue, but only because he gets a charge out of hearing their misfortunes. For the most part the demon is now in it for himself.

Sinetway is a balanced starting character… but you might not want to let your players get their hands on him.

Sinetway the Pitmaster

Impudite of Fire

Corporeal Forces: 4 [Str 7, Agi 9]
Ethereal Forces: 2 [Int 5, Pre 3]
Celestial Forces: 3 [Will 8, Per 4]

Vessel: Human/1, Gregarious/1
Role: Pitmaster/6 , Status/3

Songs: Fire (Corporeal/4)
Skills: Cooking/6, Dodge/2, Driving/2, Emote/4, Fighting/2, Firearms/2


  • Impudite of Fire
  • Lilim of Gluttony