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habaaEven before the fall Habaa was insatiably curious. When not serving Eli, the Mercurian would poke around through the unfinished parts of the Symphony wondering how “sound” or “fire” or “distrust” might fit together once everything was set in motion.

When Lucifer questioned the elevation of man, Habaa was right there with him. How could monkeys who weren’t even clever enough to question impossible instructions without guidance possibly be capable of acting as lord over the Angels?

It was a joy for the young Habaa to help the Morningstar find others who would question the Word.

The Fall was a shock to Habaa, but he recovered more quickly than many of the others. Lilith had proven admirable in questioning gods plan, and when she set the demons free – Habaa fed off her victories to give himself the power necessary to train man to question god and draw it’s own conclusions from nature.


Habaa comes from the former superiors list. He is not a canon character.

Like the other demons, Habaa’s form underwent a startling and painful change, but one which he embraced. In place of his halo were now a pair of stunning ebon antlers. Where once he wore white robes he now sported doeskin and hooves. Rather than showcase these scars, Habaa would frequently disguise himself as a scholar or hunter, and use that position to influence (and take from) the men around him. Before long he found his Word, and Lucifer granted him a Principality along with it.

Habaa’s Servitors tend to be just as inquisitive as their master. Unfortunately, they’ve been distracted for the last several centuries. The Demon Prince Habaa is missing, and no one knows where he is.


It is dissonant for a Demon of Curiosity to go more than a number of days equal to their Ethereal Forces to find the answer to a question they are asked. (Whether or not they share the answer is another matter entirely).

New Discord: Nagging Question [Ethereal]

Habaa’s followers frequently become obsessed with a question they cannot answer. Whenever they are presented with an opportunity to pursue the the question they must do so unless they succeed on a Willpower roll with a TN reduced by the level of this Discord.

Band Attunements

Balseraph – These demons can use the Seraph Resonance, but are also bound by its dissonance condition.

Djinnrestricted – This Djinn can only attune to one subject, but that subject becomes obsessed with learning everything possible about the Djinn. The demon may treat the target as a Servant with rank equal to the Celestial’s Ethereal Forces, but only if they can snoop into the demon’s affairs.

Calabim – People within this demon’s aura find everything curious and fascinating. As a result this demon requires 1 less Essence to sing the Songs of Charm or Sensation.

Habbalahrestricted – Habaa’s Punishers can use their resonance, adding their Celestial Forces to the TN, to make their victims feel insatiably curious. This lasts for a number of hours equal to the CD.

Lilimrestricted – Instead of invoking a Rank 4 Geas, the Lilim of Curiosity can permanently impose a rank of Need: Learn Something New. The subject’s Willpower roll to resist is not penalized by the level of Geas when the Lilim uses this ability.

Shedimpartially restricted – Whenever this demon possesses someone with a curiosity based Discord or Disadvantage (like Nagging Question or Need: Learn), it may opt to use the Rank of Discord as if it were a Role.

Other demons may gain this attunement, but only if they have first learned the Song of Possession.

Impudites – Superlative sneaks who like talking their ‘friends’ into joining them for a bit of exploration. They may add their Corporeal Forces to their Move Silent TNs.

Servitor Attunements


A demon with the Curio attunement to can spend an amount of essence up to its Celestial Forces to make one item appear to be an unknown Celestial Artifact of an equivalent rank. Attempts to divine the “artifact’s” purpose or activation will fail.

Wagging Tongue

This demon can send a message by gossip. The couriers will have no idea of the true meaning of their words, but it will be unmistakable to the intended recipient. The time it takes a message to arrive should be determined by circumstances – someone at the same party will take minutes, someone in the same city might take a day or two, someone cut off from all human contact might well take a month or more.


Knight of the Bizarre

This demon can tell when it has encountered something that has been hidden or disguised by non-corporeal means. The ability does not reveal what or how.

Captain of Inquiry

The demon can tell when someone successfully reads them with a perception based skill or resonance (though in the case of a resonance, they won’t know which one).

Baron of Quidnunc

Habaa’s barons always keep their ears to the ground, making them masters of gossip. Whenever they are introduced (or re-introduced) to an individual they may use the Malakite resonance.


  • Succeed at the Detect Lies or Tracking skill 3 times in a row
  • Spend six hours exploring
  • Break into a location you have never been before


Allied: Kobal
Associated: Genubath, Vephar
Hostile: Malphas, Meserach
Enemies: Gebbeleth, Asmodeus


Base Chance of Invocation: 3
… After Disappearance: -8*

+1 A sealed letter
+2 A locked box
+3 A child asking, “why?”
+4 A scientist engaged in an entirely original inquiry
+5 A museum of curiosities
+6 Beyond the end of the Symphony

* Successful invocation after Habaa’s goes missing will lead his servitor to a map, riddle, or other clue that might direct them towards learning his ultimate fate.