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Sigil of Magog - PhoenicianOfficially, Magog has no Senior Court. In fact, if you go by canon he doesn’t even have any Barons when he emerges from captivity.

As you might imagine, this means that I rarely go by canon.

When left to my own devices, I assume that Magog has four Dukes (putting him on par with Fleurity, Kobal, and my own take on Lilith). These four are:

  • The Warden
  • The Torturer
  • The Bully
  • The Partisan (aka The Anethema)

Warden, Torturer, and Bully

The first three Dukes were captured right alongside Magog. Their “titles” reflect their roles within Magog’s prison. The Warden may not always have been the same demon. However, the current Warden is whichever demon was responsible for maintaining order inside the prison when Magog was finally loosed upon the world.

The Partisan

The fourth Duke is actually just the most senior Demon of Cruelty to have evaded capture. The Partisan may or may not have ever been formally invested as a Duke – but while leading the Demons of Cruelty-in-Exile they styled themself as such.

During Magog’s captivity, The Partisan will act as the superior for any Demon of Cruelty in play.

The Anethema

Shortly after Magog’s escape The Partisan was renamed Anethema (also Traitor, Backstabber, That Vile Cuss, and many even less flattering things).

Even as Magog’s #1 target outside of heaven, The Anethema maintains a loyal following. However, the court now meets only in secret, and many of it’s members are hiding among the servitors of other Superiors. Dangerous as that may be, it’s still considered safer than betraying Magog while staying within his reach.

My Lord Duke The Bully?

As you may have noticed, all of these “titles” are really more like functions. I leave the investiture of actual names and titles as an exercise for the reader.