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BlandineRaqib takes Blandine’s commandment of non-interference very seriously. Not only does he avoid meddling with mortals on the Corporeal plane, but he will not interfere with them (or those who visit them) in the Ethereal plane either. His job is to observe and report.

Since Raqib can render himself invisible while traveling the Ethereal realm, most characters will only ever spot him when they have rolled an Intervention inside a dreamscape and Raqib wants them to know that their activities have been observed.

That said, a surprise visit by an injured Raqib would be an excellent intro into an Ethereal Realm campaign in which gods, demons, or something equally terrible has been secretly reshaping the Marches.

Raqib is also nominally a part of heaven’s Islamic faction. He observes the four pillars and will assist the needy so long as it does not conflict with his duties or his adherence to the truth.

Raqib the Observer

Master of the Realms of Night

Corporeal Forces: 3 [Str 5, Agi 7]
Ethereal Forces: 6 [Int 12, Pre 12]
Celestial Forces: 4 [Will 6, Per 10]

Vessel: Human /2
Role: None

Songs: Banishing (Ethereal/4), Direction (Ethereal/3), Dreams (Corporeal/4, Celestial/3), Faith (Ethereal/4, Celestial/3), Nemesis (Celestial/6), Witness (Celestial/4)
Skills: Dodge/4, Dreaming/4, Escape/3, Fighting/2, Move Silent/2


  • Seraph of Dreams
  • Ofanite of Dreams
  • Malakite of Dreams
  • Dreamwalking (Blandine)


  • Vassal of Dreams
  • Friend of Sleepers
  • Master of the Realm of Night
  • Dream Warden

Note: Raqip has used the Song of Witness to vow that he will not attack anyone in the Marches. Breaking that vow will create a 130 point disturbance in the symphony.