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cyriljersymThe Angel of Prosperity is first among Marc’s virtues. He is a firm believer in the value of hard work, fair exchange, and trust in God. No matter where he appears, Gamaliel will take on the appearance of a successful businessman with impeccable tailoring. He tries to avoid gaudy ostentation, but he is in no danger of running out of funds and it shows.

Gamaliel is the ultimate Angel Investor. Those in his presence will never lack for food or shelter, and those who present him with well thought out business plans will almost certainly receive a generous grant or loan. On the other hand, the Angel of Prosperity takes a dim view of charity, and will react quite poorly to those who request or demand material support without anything to offer in exchange (and should there be even a whiff of demonic interference about such individuals he will reveal why he truly is a Malakite).

Gamaliel, Malakite Angel of Prosperity

Master of Finances

Corporeal Forces: 6 [Str 12, Agi 12]
Ethereal Forces: 6 [Int 12, Pre 12]
Celestial Forces: 6 [Will 12, Per 12]
Word Forces: 18

Vessel: Several Human/3 Vessels
Role: Angel Investor 6/6

Songs: Calling, Harmony, Location, Nimbus, Opening, Sanctity, Solace, Succor, Transfiguration, Virtue – Gamaliel knows all three versions of each of these songs as a Level 6 Virtuoso.
Skills: Detect Lies/6, Fast Talk/6, Finance/6, Large Weapon/6, Savoir-Faire/6, Singing 6


  • Malakite of Trade
  • Seraph of Trade
  • Cherub of Trade
  • Elohim of Trade
  • Divine Contract
  • Head of a PIN


  • Angel of Prosperity (Wordbound)
  • Vassal of Trade
  • Friend of the Shareholders
  • Master of Finances

I have not settled on any specific Rites or Attunements for the Angel of Prosperity, but I’m certainly open to suggestions.