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Last week a lightning storm in Norway took out an entire herd of reindeer.

This is precisely the sort of freak occurrence that can make for a wonderful adventure seed. The players are almost a given: Jordi and Jean. The question to ask yourself as a GM looking to create an adventure is why? Why would a servitor of one turn on the other (or why would the superiors themselves be at odds)?

The easy answer is a rogue angel who is stumbling their way towards a Fall.

  • Could be an angel of lightning who just lost their @$%#$
  • Could be an angel of animals who was corrupting the herd and needed to be put down

Another possibility is that Jordi (or one of his angels) was teaching animals to use technology. Since Jean is responsible for ensuring that technology is only released according to The Plan (as he understands it), the archangel felt he had no option but to step in.

Demons are another option. The animals could have been diseased or possessed and Jordi actively sought out Jean’s assistance in cleansing the problem.

Regardless of what option you pick – to make a good adventure seed at least one of the celestials involved in the moment must still be around, and the party needs to stop, help, or question them. However, before the player characters can do any of that, they’ll first need to find the celestial in question.