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img709845_80750012b085123fSeveral months ago I added Benign Neglect to this blog to provide something of a commentary track. I have not used the persona much, but I still think it plays an important role. However, as I’m currently taking a hiatus from my regular posting, it seems another voice is in order.

Meet the Demon of Neglect.

Commentary from Neglect will most likely show up in the following places:

  • When a post is deserving of some Infernal commentary
  • When admitting that I just haven’t bothered to do something
  • When highlighting typos and research mistakes


If you wish to introduce the Demon of Neglect into your home games, I suggest “he” be a Wordbound Calabite of Meserach (in service to Asmodeus or Kronos).

The image was generated on Ostagram, which uses Neural Networks to combine different pieces of art.