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valacYou think the Servitors of Kronos are precise? Let me tell you, you know nothing about precision. Name me one servitor of Kronos who could snowboard off a cliff drop into a transitory tether to Wind, ride it into heaven, ollie into a dead run for Jordi’s svelt, bag a Fayyum sandgrouse, hop back on their board and jib back into the corporeal all in the eight minutes and fifty-seven seconds they’ve got before the locals trip to the fact that they’re no angel.

By the way, I got this rare bird in my bag – you think Haagenti might be interested in making a deal? How about four minutes in his recipe vault? He doesn’t even have to tell his guards to let me in. I’ll pick the day and the hour.

Valac, Habbalite of Theft

Baron of Buccaneers

Corporeal Forces: 3 [Str 4, Agi 8]
Ethereal Forces: 4 [Int 4, Pre 12]
Celestial Forces: 4 [Will 6, Per 10]

Vessel: Human/1
Role: Extreme Athlete/4, Status/3

Songs: Concealment (Celestial/6), Direction (Celestial/6), Healing (Celestial/4), Serpents (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/2, Celestial/4), Shields (Celestial/6)
Skills: Acrobatics/4, Dodge/6, Fast Talk/4, Lying/2, Move Silently/4, Lockpick/4, Running/4


  • Habbalite of Theft
  • Swipe


  • Knight of Kleptos
  • Captain of Corsairs
  • Baron of Buccaneers
  • Escape Artist


  • Obsessed (Danger)/3