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165px-Leonid_Meteor_Storm_1833This week I was thinking about the Words of Archangels. In Nomine presents them as overwhelmingly positive, but even with the Words selected for heaven’s greatest agents are not entirely beneficent. This can be most easily seen in War, but Creation, Wind, Judgement, and so many of the others also have a dark side.

In fact, one of the easiest ways to make In Nomine darker (and lower contrast) is to make the Archangels incapable of seeing any aspect of their word as malevolent. The logic would go something like this: “I am a manifestation of G-d’s will. My Word is X. Therefore X is also a manifestation of G-d’s will. Since G-d is good, X must also be good.” Questioning this logic would effectively be seen as questioning the Archangel’s faith with G-d.

It is also possible to explore these themes without playing in shades of dark gray. For example, it has already been hinted that there have been other Demon Princes in the past (and perhaps even more in the present that have not yet been revealed). You could always introduce a new Demon Prince to represent the darker aspects of an Angel’s word (or perhaps even have an arc in which one of the Archangels is in danger of falling).

With this in mind, I have been thinking about how some of the Heavenly Words could also be presented as Infernal ones. Keep your eyes peeled for such posts to show up from time to time.