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jesterRistel is an androgyne demon who serves Kobal. She has a predilection for tempting mortals to foolishness and wagers while in their cups. Regardless of the outcome, Ristel will walk away with a geas hook, some essence, or both.

In spite of their cute appearance and a charm that only seems to grow as the night goes on, few people can really remember how Ristel looks come the following day. This suits the demon just fine, as they like to see the results of their handiwork.

If you have been using my lists of Duchies, Ristel would be a frequent guest of The Extremely Spirited Duke of Alcohol (who has rather a strong taste for her brand of humor).

Ristel, Lilim of Drunken Wagers

Corporeal Forces: 3 [Str 5, Agi 7]
Ethereal Forces: 5 [Int 9, Pre 11]
Celestial Forces: 4 [Will 8, Per 8]
Word Forces: 5

Vessel: Human/2
Role: Card Sharp/5, Status/2 (Feel free to increase this up to 4 if you need a High Roller)

Songs: Charm (Corporeal/3, Ethereal/3, Celestial/3), Draining (Ethereal/4), Opening (Ethereal/4), Posession (Celestial/2), Sleep (Ethereal/2)
Skills: Dodge/3, Escape/3, Fast Talk/5, Gambling/5, Mixology/3, Move Silent/3, Seduction.3


  • Lilim of Dark Humor
  • Calabim of Dark Humor


  • Demon of Drunken Wagers (Wordbound)
  • Knight of Derision
  • Captian of Repartee