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“Mark of Cain” Supernatural

GURPs: In Nomine introduced new mechanics for two groups of Celestials: the engigmatic Watchers (Grigori) and their demonic counterparts the Skulkers (Raphaim). Because the Raphaim were not actually consigned to Hell – most will try to hide from both sides of the war rather than sign up with the Infernal Demon Princes.

As with the Grigori, the GURPs rules for the Raphaim are a perfect fit for that system, but are inconsistent with the d666 Band Resonances.

Where the Grigori were primarily focused on detecting disturbances, Raphaim prefer to cover them up. Rather than allowing this to stand as a passive ability, I propose the following:

Whenever one of the Raphaim disturbs the symphony, they may immediately attempt a Will based resonance roll. Success reduces the Disturbance by the CD (this stacks with Role based reductions). Failure causes dissonance and renders the demon unable to use their Resonance for a number of hours equal to the CD.


GURPs: In Nomine only calls the 8th Band “Skulkers.” After much deliberation I have opted to call them Rephaim after the biblical giants. Previous versions of this post used “Delios”

In addition, I would also allow Rephaim to purchase Roles of up to Rank 12 (Status still caps at 6). The cost would likely become prohibitively expensive after awhile, but for a band that requires discretion to survive, I suspect a number would the investment worthwhile.

Band Attunements

Currently no Superior admits to having any of the elusive Rephaim in their court, but this does not stop them from fantasizing about what sort of Attunements they would give such a demon.

All Rephaim attunements should be considered restricted.

Alaemon – When suppressing a disturbance, the Rephaim of Alaemon apply all three dice, not just the CD.

Andrealphus – Lust was the original sin of the Grigori, it’s entirely possible that Andreaphus has caused one to sin again. These may increase their Charisma at will (up to their Corporeal Forces). However the attraction will always be purely physical.

Asmodeus – Asmodean Rephaim gain an additional 12 CP to enhance their Role and can immediately identify other Skulkers.

Baal – Given their ability to Suppress disturbances, the Rephaim of The War make for ideal spies, scouts, and saboteurs. Rather than an innate attunement that can be tracked back to Baal, these Rephaim receive a Reliquary worth a number of CP up to the demon’s Forces.

Beleth – Upon falling asleep Beleth’s Rephaim would have the option to create their own nightmarish dreamsapes. While nominally under the demons control, these dreamsapes would almost always be punctuated by paranoia and fear of discovery.

Belial – The fires started by Belial’s Skulkers do not disturb the Symphony.

Fleurity – The Rephaim of Fleurity will never be caught in a drug bust or sting operation.

Furfur – Hardcore Skulkers remind you that it’s never the ones you expect. During the first round of combat they may add the CD of a successful Move Silent or Savoir Faire roll that is still in effect to the TN any roll made.

Haagenti – Haagenti has seen to it that his Rephaim are always hungry. Any attempt to impose a Discord or change their Emotional State will be converted into temporary or permanent ranks of Gluttony and Need (as appropriate).

Kobal – Skulkers of Dark Humor can regain 1 essence when a human harms itself by its own idiocy without any infernal influence.

Kronos – The Rephaim of Fate are invisible to Angelic Resonance. Seraphim cannot hear their lies, Malakim cannot tell their honor &c.

Magog – Magog’s Skulkers are slower and more methodical than most of his servitors. After observing a human for an hour they can tell exactly would cause the person the most emotional distress.

Malphas – Rephaim of Factions are some of the only creatures capable of realizing Malphas vision. The demon may make a Willpower roll to evade any attempted encounter. This can even foil even an attuned Cherub (though it will lead the angel to their last location).

Mammon – These Skulkers can tell what a human most desires by looking into their eyes.

Nybbas – Rephaim of Nybbas are voracious consumers of media. Their Servants tend to be authors, reporters, comedians, or anyone else who can be expected to churn out large swaths of curated or original content in a very short amount of time.

Saminga – Death’s Skulkers can flawlessly pass themselves off as mummies. Nothing shy of a Superior can pierce the deception unless the Deilos wishes it.

Valefor – The Skulkers of Theft are masters of going unseen. They automatically succeed when attempting to Move Silently.

Vapula – Items made by the Vapula’s Rephaim cannot be tracked back to them by any means.