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One of the things I like to do with any RPG once I get more familiar with it is to stat out Batman. I do this because Batman is absurdly competent. He may be “only human,” but he basically has no flaws or weaknesses.

Even in a world of Demons and Angels, anything that even comes close to Batman is probably overpowered.


Within the world of In Nomine, a typical human has between 3 and 4 in each measured characteristic. An exceptional human has 6 and the absolute peak of human capability ever is 10. It is therefore safe to say that Batman has every characteristic somewhere between 6 and 10.

Strength: 8

Batman is almost unrivaled in physical prowess among the non-super powered, but he is rivaled. To me that rules out 9 (best current) or 10 (best ever).

Agility: 8

Same reasoning as for strength.

Intelligence: 7

Batman is exceptionally intelligent (6+), but he is frequently seen consulting with outside experts and Lex Luthor is clearly established as being more intelligent than Bruce Wayne.

Precision: 10

Nobody plans better than Batman – moreover, he can pull off multiple target, intentionally non-lethal, ricocheting stunt shots using custom made, non-aerodynamic throwing stars with perfect accuracy. The only other character who even comes close to matching Batman’s ability to plot and plan is Ra’s al Guhl (who is immortal).

Willpower: 9

I’d want to say 8 + skills to resist mind control, but there are no such skills. At the same time he has given in to temptation from time to time, and I’ve seen nothing to suggest he’s the best of all time at controlling himself.

Perception: 9

Batman is clearly the most astute and perceptive living human in the DC universe. It’s kind of his schtick being “the detective.” At the same time, there’s nothing to indicate that he was the best ever.

All told, this puts Batman at just shy of 13 Forces.


Oddly, In Nomine does not have a formal description of competence at each skill rank. However, based on other systems with roughly the same number of maximum skill ranks, it’s probably safe to assume the following:

1 – The Basics (High-School)
2 – Formal Education (College)
3 – Entry Level Professional
4 – Entry Level Professor or Established Professional
5 – National Leader
6 – World Best

Batman’s high traits means that he doesn’t need particularly high skills to do well, but there are still some areas where we know that not just his ability, but also his skill is exceptional.

Acrobatic 3, Chemistry 2, Climbing 3, Computers 4, Detect Lies 4, Dodge 5, Driving 2, Electronics 4, Emote 3, Engineering 4, Escape 4, Fighting 5, Knowledge (depends on knowledge, but assume between 1 & 3), Lock Pick 2, Lying 4, Medicine 2, Move Silent 4, Ranged Weapons 4, Running 3, Savoir Faire 4, Seduction 1, Small Weapon (sap, knife) 2, Survival (depends on environment, 1-2 in wilderness, 4 in urban), Swimming 3, Tactics 3, Throwing 6, Tracking 4

This puts Batman about 40 CP above what’s standard for 13 Forces, which means he’s roughly equivalent to a 15 Force Celestial when acting on his own.


Through his persona as Bruce Wayne, Batman has Status 6. It’s also safe to assume that he has a level of Toughness.

In addition he has 3 “Servants”

  • Alfred Pennyworth 5/2
  • Robin (whichever is appropriate) 6/2
  • Jim Gordon 6/1

In addition you may want to give him Baal’s Art of Combat attunement to reflect the Batman’s combat versatility.

Batman does not know any songs, nor does he possess any artifacts – at least not by default, though he could probably acquire some if he realized they were important.


Batman could easily best any single starting character and that’s as it should be. However, starting around 12 Forces you should start considering how much of an imbalance it would be to keep a character in the world. By 15 they’d be an even match for Batman (Lilith could take him on without using any of her supernatural abilities). At 17 Forces a character could start besting Batman easily – even though there is technically more room for growth, such a character should probably be retired from active play or the game should leave the corporeal realm.