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gremory“The world has its thorns, just like any other rose.”

The servitors of Gamori are typically seen as vapid, frivolous, conniving, treacherous, and cruel depending on just how much of their power they are willing to show. They and their Princess are not only the fruits of the Infernal garden, but also the living manifestations of hated femininity.

And yet Gamori hides her malice well, appearing as either a stately duchess or a harmless ingenue: beautiful, innocent, pure, and devious only by the rarest of happenstance (but oh does that happenstance happen). Of course, her repertoire also includes butch, dandy, dominatrix, crone, high femme, raging hellbeast, and just about anything else that was at one time or another considered a female archetype.

Though their preference is to find advancement and preserve beauty, the servitors of Flowers often find themselves cleaning up after the other demons; or at least turning their shit into fertilizer.

Dissonance Condition

Ever the social climbers, it is discordant for a Demon of Flowers to be treated like an equal – should this stratification be called into question, the demon has until the end of the scene to cement themselves as superior or inferior to each of their possible peers.


Gamori is inspired by “Their Darker Natures” and looks at some of the nastier associations of flowers and “girly” things.

Band Attunements

Balseraph – These demons are so frivolous that it requires a Willpower roll to take them seriously (or to treat them like the threats they are).

Djinnrestricted – Djinn are the vines of Gamori’s oasis. When they attune to someone or something they wrap it in a psychic vine that makes it obvious to all that the subject “belongs” to the Djinn.

Calabim – The Destroyers of Gamori are surrounded by a nimbus of pollen. They can cause any plant they’ve encountered within the past day to take root with a touch and they can cause mild allergic reactions (-1 Perception) to anyone within Corporeal Force yards.

Habbalah – Flower’s Habbalah are master poisoners. Add double their Ethereal Forces to the TN of any botany or chemistry roll made to craft a toxic substance (including most drugs).

Lilimrestricted – These Tempters gain a Rank 1 Geas hook whenever someone takes a flower from their hand.

Shedimrestricted – Gamori’s Sheddim create a potpourri of the souls they corrupt, masking the rot with a strange sweetness. Their host’s Charisma increases by 1 rank for every week the Sheddite remains inside (to a maximum of the demon’s Corporeal Forces). Once the demon leaves the charisma will fade at the rate of 1 rank per week.

Impuditerestricted – The Resonances from an Impudite of Flowers can only be resisted if the target’s Will CD is greater than the Demon’s resonance CD.

Servitor Attunements


Forbidden Fruit

Once per day a demon with Forbidden Fruit may spend 2 Essence to Resonate like a Malakite.

Language of Flowers

These demons can send secret messages by means of cunning floral arrangements. Only those with this attunement or a specicifically chosen recipient known to the arranger can understand the correspondence (though a Seraph of Flowers may get the gist of it by resonating with the arrangement).


Dame of Garden Paths

Demons with this distinction are naturally charming. Anyone who has a positive reaction to the demoness is treated as having one less Will when dealing with her.

Companion of Hidden Roots

By touching a tree (or other plant) a demon with this distinction can learn what’s buried beneath it.

Baroness of Unfolding Petals

A demon with this distinction can force a new reaction roll by revealing some secret about herself. This secret can by a lie, but if caught the worse reaction will remain – otherwise the subject will retain the better reaction. This ability can only cause one re-roll per person per day.


  • Sleep alone in a garden overnight
  • Spend 2 hours being papered at a spa or stylists


Allies: Adrealphus, Lilith
Associated: Beleth, Mammon
Hostile: Belial, Saminga, Vapula
Enemies: Malphas


Base Chance of Invocation: 3

+1 Any piece of cosmetics
+2 Floral corsage
+3 Spotless kitchen / well maintained sewing machine
+4 A flowering plot cleared of native flora
+5 Formal ball or gala with at least 500 guests
+6 A Demon Orchid Blossom

War of the Roses

Novalis is generally considered the stronger of the two floral Superiors. However, the one time the pair came to open blows, Gamori was the undisputed victor (taking root in both York and Lancaster).

While the madness that grips Celestials of the same word does afflict this pair – it is hard to detect and mostly takes the form of giant blind spots where the other is concerned.