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Sigil of Haagenti - GoetiaHusband, father, demon. Hans spends his days cooking, volunteering, and occasionally raising a little hell. His nights are for family and making sure everything goes “just so” at the PTA. For the most part, Mr. Cutler does his best to keep his infernal activities from interfering with his home life.

Hans is positive that his husband wouldn’t like Hell, so the Lilin has been doing what he can to ensure his husband a more earth-like afterlife. For the past few years the demon has been putting in overtime and taking on more risky assignments. Of course, what Hansard would really like to do is defect. Either way, Hans does not want his demonic colleagues anywhere near his family – and he’s not above using force or geas to get his way.

If he’s smart about it, Hansard could get a Servitor of Eli or Novalis to put in a good word for him. In a perfect symphony he’d find a way to keep his husband and daughter out of harm’s way, ensure they’re on the path to heaven, join them there, and continue to cook.

Hansard “Hans” Cutler, Lilim of Gluttony


To make Hans Cutler more powerful, give him one more Celestial Force, the Consume attunement, and Knight of Banquets

Corporeal Forces: 4 [Str 5, Agi 11]
Ethereal Forces: 3 [Int 4, Pre 8]
Celestial Forces: 2 [Will 3, Per 5]

Vessel: Human/2, Pretty Boy/2
Role: Stay-at-Home Dad/4, Status/2
Servant: Chas 4/1, Lauren 2/2

Songs: Hunger (Corporeal/3), Might (Corporeal/3)
Skills: Cooking/4, Detect Lies/3, Dodge/3, Drive/2, Escape/2, Small Weapons (Knives)/4, Throwing/3


  • Lilim of Gluttony


  • True Love (Chas)/2
  • True Love (Lauren)/1

Husband Chas Sheather

Hans doesn’t know this, but Chas is not going to Hell. Chas may not make it into heaven either, but he achieved his destiny when he proposed to and won the heart of a demon. I see Chas as a playful if somewhat workaholic CPA, but he can really be whatever you need him to be for your campaign to work.

Daughter Lauren Sheather

Lauren is Chas’s child by a previous marriage. Hans may only be her step-father, but that’s not a distinction that particularly matters to her. Both men are her fathers and she loves them equally. Lauren a 4-force character with a Corporeal tilt, but she’ll eventually grow up to be a 6-force Soldier (Hans has already slipped her an extra Force).

New Discord: True Love

True Love is the melody that binds two souls into one. Among mortals it is considered a beautiful thing, but it is not always healthy for Celestials. Being rejected by a true love will penalize all roles by the level of this discord until the next day begins (as determined by essence regeneration).

In addition, True Love creates a new dissonance condition. Any celestial who allows harm to befall their True Love will accumulate a note of dissonance.

If a true love is “lost,” both the above effects are triggered and the True Love Discord will be converted into one of the other Emotional discords at an equivalent rank until the true love is recovered.

Elohim, Djinn, and Servitors of Andrealphus must include their level of this discord when making dissonance rolls.