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I had a rather lengthy diatribe on the 2016 election written out and ready to go before I remembered that I do not want this blog to become political.

That my politics are reflected in it is inevitable (any discussion of heaven and hell invites moral engagement on some level), but for this post I have done my best to examine the outcome of the 2016 election through the moral lens that I think each Superior represents.

This is my take on their reactions:

Alaemon Ψ

The Prince of Secrets loves how big of a role his Word played in the election, but hates how much privileged information he had to give up to make that happen.

Andrealphus Ψ

Why is porn on the ballot? Did anyone provide illustrations?

Asmodeus Ψ

The Prince of the Game has had a field day this election. One candidate appeared to be rigging the process, the other was gaming the media, and with one party in control of all branches of government (and several State legislatures) the rules themselves are up to be rewritten.

Baal Ψ

The Prince of The War has no involvement… yet.

Beleth Ψ

With so much fear and loathing on all sides, the Princess of Nightmares has developed a whole new territory in the Marches for just this election.

Belial Ψ

The Prince of Fire is delighted with this election – fossil fuels are back on the menu, and he might even get the chance to play around with his nuclear toys.

Blandine †

Many of the hopes that the Archangel of Dreams had been cultivating were spoiled by the outcome of this election – however the dreams of nostalgia have done quite well. She tries not to think about how it has fed Beleth and Magog.

Christopher †

The Archangel of Children understands the outrage of America’s youngest voters and mourns beside them. He hopes that the Trump presidency really will bring a brighter future.

David †

The Archangel of Stone is delighted with how this election turned out. Humanity banded together against perceived oppression and collectively struck a blow against corrupt leadership.

His reaction to the transition itself is a little less enthusiastic.

Dominic †

The Archangel of Judgement is dissapointed with this election. The rule of law was called into question, it’s mechanisms held hostage and used for political purpose. And while neither candidate represented his Word, the victor stands as a direct insult to it.

Eli †

Who knows what the Archangel of Creation is up to.

Fleurity Ψ

With marijuana pulling ever closer to being a standard commodity, the Demon Prince of Drugs is gearing up for war with Haagenti.

Furfur Ψ

The Demon Prince of Hardcore is all for Trump and ready to crack some skulls in his name.

Of course, the Demon Prince of Hardcore will also accept no excuses for voting Trump and is ready to smash some windows and light some fires in protest.

Gabriel †

The Archangel of Fire sees the defeat of the Democratic party as fitting punishment for their abandonment of the rural poor. Now she is engaged in protest and support for the underserved who are facing physical and political violence from the party of the victor.

Haagenti Ψ

With marijuana pulling ever closer to being a standard commodity, the Demon Prince of Gluttony is getting ready to take it from Fleurity.

Janus †

As an agent of change through destruction, the Archangel of Wind is delighted with Trump’s victory.

Jean †

The Archangel of Lightning is not happy with the privatization of research that Trump’s election will likely cause, but he is prepared to wait and see and work with any researcher advancing at a natural pace.

Jordi †

The Archangel of Animals already had no faith in humanity. This vote changes nothing.

Khalid †

The Archangel of Faith is horrified with how his own word was perverted to allow Trump to rise to power in part due to fear of Islam. He holds no love for the president elect, but is working as hard as possible to help the faithful on all sides find trust in the other.

Kobal Ψ

The Demon Prince of Dark Humor no longer had faith in humanity either, but at least the late night comedy (on TV and in the streets) will get better.

Kronos Ψ

The Demon Prince of Fate is content with the outcome of the election.

Lawrence †

The Archangel of the Sword is conflicted. As a patron of the police, he is pleased that Trump won, but he would have preferred a president of honor.

Lilith Ψ

The Princess of Freedom has much the same opinion as always: America has picked its poison and can live with the consequences.

Lithroy †

This election has left the Archangel of Revelation feeling dirty, as if someone had soiled his Word.

Magog Ψ

The Demon Prince of Cruelty has delighted in the Trump campaign from day one. He could care less about the actual statecraft so long as he continues to have a license to harm and terrorize.

Malphas Ψ

The Demon Prince of Factions always enjoys an acrimonious election, and he’s quite pleased that he prepared plans for both parties once it came time to start throwing recriminations about.

Mammon Ψ

The Demon Prince of Greed is delighted with the outcome of the election.

Marc †

The Archangel of Trade is horrified with the outcome of the election. Free trade is one of his proudest accomplishments (since the creation of currency), and trade wars always weaken his word.

Michael †

The Archangel of War has no cause to take interest in this election… yet.

Novales †

The Archangel of Flowers was devastated by Trump’s victory, and has not yet come to grips with what his cabinet and policies might do the environment.

Gabriel has tried to get her involved in the street protests, but Novales is feeling just a bit too vulnerable to take part in something with so much potential for violence.

Nybbas Ψ

The Demon Prince of Media should be feeling ecstatic with the outcome of the election (and publicly he presents just that), but privately he’s fuming that a mortal managed to play him.

Should a chance arise for Nybbas to strike back at Trump (or Asmodeus), he’ll take it.

Saminga Ψ

The Demon Prince of Death is mildly pleased that the Affordable Care Act is finally bound for the graveyard, but he’s really hoping for some deportation deaths.

Valefor Ψ

The Demon Prince of Theft is currently looking to steal an election for Hillary. If any of his servitors pull it off, he’s promised them an immediate promotion.

Vapula Ψ

The Demon Prince of Technology is relatively unfazed by the election. Either party would have allowed him to keep working on new tools for espionage and warfare.

Yves †

The Archangel of Destiny feels that everyone should wait and see what sort of president Trump will be. (Yes, his servitors can get a bit of a sneak peek, but patience is the better part of virtue).

Zadkiel †

The Archangel of Protection is not happy that with the outcome of the election, since it means she now needs to defend the faithful of both parties against retaliation.