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pazuzuPazuzu was once a general under Baal and one of the “false gods” who attempted to rule earth beside him. After some crippling attacks by Uriel, the djinn needed to restore his power base. Eventually one of his opponents leveraged him into the Word Reeves in the hope that his power would diminish with the word. Instead, the semi-autonomous noble expanded his influence into policing, insurance, and his old favorite of warding. This made him a ready ally for Asmodeus.

The Shields (as the Servitors of Protection are known) are hell’s most professional police force. While most Princes prefer secret police who sneak and snitch, the Shields will act openly to keep the peace. That this peace reinforces Hell’s tiered society and the continued harvesting of essence from the dead does not phase them in the least.

800px-PazuzuDemonAssyria1stMil_2.jpgIn the Corporeal realm they tend to operate in much smaller groups, usually under the direction of another Superior or sometimes a well connected sorcerer or hellsworn. However, those given leave to depart Hell tend to have fairly diverse skill sets and concepts of what is considered ‘protection.’


Most of Pazuzu’s servitors are in service to another Superior (usually a Demon Prince). Within the demon’s area of operation, it is dissonant for the Shield to allow harm to come to their Acting Superior’s Word or agents.

Band Attunements

Balseraph – Pazuzu’s Liars are masters at brand management and protecting reputations. Add their Celestial Forces to the TN when using Detect Lies or resisting Balseraph resonance.


*As a general rule of thumb, GMs should not green light an artifact with more than a 2 CP reduction or a suite of artifacts with more CP reductions than the character’s Ethereal Forces

Djinn – The Djinn of Protection have a knack for loss prevention. They can determine the ownership claims of an object just by handling it (this does not resolve who has the ‘better’ claim).

Calabim – These demons focus on crowd control and SWAT. At the start of an assignment, the Destroyer may requisition non-reliquary Artifacts with a combined CP value equal to twice their Ethereal Forces (subject to approval*). The artifacts must be returned at the end of the assignment.

Habbalahrestricted – Pazuzu’s Punishers are skilled at protecting against emotional consequences. They may use their resonance to suppress a specific emotion for a number of hours equal to the CD.

Lilimrestricted – From destroying evidence to deporting immigrants, Protection’s Tempters will do whatever it takes to protect a job. In addition to discovering a need when they resonate, these demons uncover what their target considers to be the greatest threat to their job.

Shedimrestricted – Lords of information security. With successful resonance rolls they may partially extend themselves into a book, database, dossier or other collection of information that they are touching. The demon can access (and corrupt) this information at will (including as a reaction to someone removing it).

Impudites – Sometimes a sharp lookout provides the best defense. These demons may add their Corporeal Forces to Perception rolls.

Servitor Attunements

Coordinated Defense

A demon with Coordinated Defense may add their Dodge skill to the Evasion TNs of one person within reach. If the demon takes a Full Defense, both they and their ward gain the +2 bonus.

Reasonable Suspicion

Demons with Reasonable Suspicion can tap or point to another individual, making all their motives and actions seem suspect for the next 2 hours. This is free for the first use in a day and requires 1 essence for each use thereafter.


Knight Apotropaic

These demons can recognize protective wards and charms placed by a human hand. Double the effects of Essence when the knight uses the Songs of Forbidding, Seals, or Shields to protect such warded places, objects, or individuals.

Captain of Swarming Locust

By spending a Character Point, a demon with this distinction can force an Imp or Gremlin into a swarm of local insects, temporarily turning it into a level 1 Familiar servant. When the vessel dies (either by damage or by natural aging) the demonling will be freed from the Captain, but will also suffer Trauma with a duration based on all its forces.

Baron of Scorching Winds

Demons with this distinction may create an essence embargo by spending at least 3 Essence. The embargo lasts until the Baron leaves the effected area or an hour after sunrise (whichever comes first). The embargo covers a radius in miles equal to the Essence spent. No one inside the embargoed area may regain essence unless they are in a tether.


Wait, why a President?

Previously I had referred to Hell’s lesser superiors as Archdukes – and for the most part I intend to continue this trend should the demon in question belong to an existing court. However, after poking around a few demonology texts I discovered that “President” is actually the rank that demonoligists tend to assign for entities between Prince and Duke. You can therefore expect me to start using President more often for lesser infernal Superiors.


  • Convince a Celestial to back down from a conflict (2 Essence)
  • Witness childbirth from the onset of labor to when it is clear the newborn will live.


Allies: Baal
Associated: Asmodeus, Mammon, (Leonard)
Hostile: Valefor, Lilith
Enemies: Saminga



Pazuzu is part of the Darkened Words series – Opposite Zadkiel

Base Chance of Invocation: 2

+1 A defensive charm such as a mezzuzah or nazar
+2 A shield of any type
+3 A lock of hair from someone risking ruin
+4 Police arrayed for crowd control
+5 Human blood shed in the defense of a person on thing
+6 On either side of an active siege

And an additional…
+2 if the invoker themself requires protection.

Pazuzu and Zadkiel

Because of the nature of Protection, Pazuzu and Zadkiel do not claw at each other’s souls. In fact, they protect each other. Pazuzu out of self interest, Zadkiel out of a hope of reforming her opposite number. However, any assistance they offer will be circumspect at best as neither will openly request the assistance of the other.

Free Shields for Heaven

Pazuzu is an inherently mercenary Superior. While most of his servitors serve other agents of hell, a few will heed the call of mortal summoners or even angels of the host. As mentioned Zadkiel will never request such assistance, but Gabriel, Dominic, and Michael have certainly made use of the Infernal Shields. Such contracts are always fraught, and contingent on Pazuzu allowing the heavenly Superiors a chance to try and convert such Devils as would dedicate themselves to the defense of others. Some even heed such calls, but not many (there’s no profit in it). Asmodeus looks the other way because of the intelligence Pazuzu can pass to him regarding heaven’s moves.