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kobalBefore Saminga realized how closely medicine was related to his own Word, Kobal slipped in with one of his longer lasting jokes: the Four Humors.

Though they are much diminished (with the exception of Rubido, Demon of Blood), Kobal has continued to use these demons as liaisons with other superiors. They are not Kobal’s only Marquis, but they are some of the better known ones.

There may have been some changes along the way, but the current humors are:

  • Rubido, Balseraph of Blood (liaison to Andrealphus, Baal & Nybbas)
  • Citrine, Djinn of Bile (liaison to Haagenti, Magog & Malphas)
  • Albedo, Calabite of Phlegm (liaison to Asmodeus, Kronos, & Saminga)
  • Negrida, Habbalite of Scabs (liaison to Beleth, Fleurity & Mammon)

Though it is now mostly defunct, the long lasting association between these demons and medicine has left each of them with a reasonable knowledge of the skill and more than just a couple related songs.

Rubido, Balseraph of Blood, Marquis of Sanguine Humor

Rubido is in something of a tough spot. He is easily one of Kobal’s most powerful and versatile lords. In most any other court he’d be bucking for a Ducal crown, but he doesn’t fit Kobal’s paradigm, and he’s seen what has happened to all the other “new Dukes” that Kobal has elevated.

Such restraint gnaws at Rubido. He is a creature of action, of passion.

To stay sane he spends himself among the harems of Andrealphus, cheers the spectacles that Nybbas concocts, and plots with Baal. Most conversations are about how to insert Humor into The War, but some are on how to displace it entirely with Blood.

His jokes tend to belittle and blame others for his own excesses, when they don’t just ignore the existence of others altogether. However, if someone pushes at the joke to find what’s behind it, they’ll find his Word, wet and waiting.

Citrine, Djinn of Bile, Marquise of Choleric Humor

Citrine is one of Kobal’s most fiery nobles. For a long time she was a close confidant of Belial, but the pair had a falling out. Now she vents her passion to Magog, argues philosophy with Malphas, and gnaws at Haagenti’s gut.

Her humor is caustic to the extreme, often sickening, feeding on fears and anger. That ‘sick burn’: the more it hurts, the more likely Citrine or one of her servitors was involved.

However, when it comes to doing physical harm – Citrine doesn’t kill with a joke, she just kills. The joke is the thing she tells the survivor.

Albedo, Calabite of Phlegm, Marquis of Phlegmatic Humor

Albedo is a pale and rheumy demon. Cold, logical, with an eye for the long game – one of the few who can be trusted to deal with Asmodeus and Kronos without becoming the wrong sort of fool. He also liaises with Saminga – ensuring that the Humor’s comedy is just lethal enough to keep that Prince from making a play for their Words.

Dispassionate and serious to a fault, one would be excused for thinking that Albedo served a different master. He doesn’t even make for a good straight man. But such attitudes do the Marquis a disservice. Most days he is developing hundreds if not thousands of jokes, big jokes, slow jokes, the kind that take decades to pan out, but once they do leave someone feeling like the whole universe is laughing at them.

Humans are his medium and their lifetimes his brush – and unlike Kronos he could care less if they’re bound for heaven or hell, just that their lives fall apart in a way that pulls a wry smile from his otherwise expressionless face.

Negrida, Habbalite of Scabs, Marquise of Melancholic Humor

Negrida’s sense of humor picks at old wounds, preventing them from healing quickly or cleanly. Once she was a frequent guest at Mariel’s court. Now she’s assigned to assist Mammon, though she spends most of her time in Nightmares and seeking relief through Fleurity’s needle.

Of the four humors, only Negrida remembers her time in heaven. Only Negrida cannot forget it.

Even now she does gods work: punishing the sinful with reminders of their pain and loss. Encouraging them towards self-deprecation. Ensuring that, like her, they cannot ignore how they transgressed against god.