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JanusContradith has one of the most challenging (and therefore most sought after) jobs for a Cherub in Janus’ hierarchy. She’s responsible for guarding revolutionary figures who already advance her Archangel’s Word and objectives. Because of how much of an iconoclast he is, she frequently has to fend off other angels.

To make matters worse, Connie cannot actually attune to her charge. Doing so would change their priorities, one of the main things she’s meant to prevent. Instead, Contradith plays a delicate game. She has to use mundane methods to track her charge while using her Resonance to suborn those who might influence them. This in turn means that Connie must also protect the very people who seek to change her charge until she can find a time or place to loose them.

On Earth, Connie tends to play the punk who cleans up well. Left to her own devices she’ll end up leathers and bandages – but she knows that sometimes a power suit will get the job done better. And unlike her infernal counterparts, she knows that the job is life. If that makes her a little too mainstream to be a true rebel, than so be it.

Contradith may fight other angels but she does it for the betterment of Heaven, not for her own ego.

“Connie” Contradith, Cherub of Wind

Corporeal Forces: 3 [Str 7, Agi 5]
Ethereal Forces: 3 [Int 3, Pre 9]
Celestial Forces: 4 [Will 8, Per 8]

Vessel: Human/3
Role: Bodyguard/4, Status/3

Songs: Attraction (Corporeal/1, Ethereal/3, Celestial/4), Might (Corporeal/4), Sanctity (Corporeal/1), Solace (Ethereal/4)
Skills: Dancing/2, Dodge/2, Driving/2, Escape/2, Fast Talk/2, Fighting/3, Firearms/3, Savoir Faire/2, Seduction/2, Singing/2


  • Cherub of Wind
  • Mercurian of Wind
  • Swipe