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Tamiel as depicted in Supernatural

Tamiel was once the Angel of the Unseen, one of the leaders of the Grigori on Earth, and a great lover of mortal women. He was also one of the first to Fall into the ranks of the Raphaim after the Flood. With a Word that rendered him near omniscient and no one to report back to, his fate was nearly a foregone conclusion. For centuries the hidden demon wandered unseen until his soul felt the presence of Khalid as that Angel was invested as the personification of Faith, and suddenly Tamiel knew what had become of his Word.

By the time Lucifer found the elusive giant, it had already amassed considerable power by encouraging belief in the unproven and unprovable .


While there are already mechanics for “Dark Khalid,” they focus on an Islamaphobic interpretation of Fanatacism. Consider this an investigation into other forms of misguided faith.

Physically, Tamiel is quite tall – though he stands so rarely beside others that it is often difficult to realize or recall. More often he folds himself up into a much smaller vessel and hides himself among the faithful quietly urging them away from reasoned thought. Because of his nature, he does much more field work than the other Superiors and rarely makes his way down to Hell (though since his elevation to Presidency by Lucifer he has maintained an unobtrusive manor in Shal Mari, not far from the brothels of Andrealphus).

There are some beautiful renditions of Tamiel at the Angelarium.


Every servitor of Tamiel must have faith in something (subject to GM veto). Whenever that faith is proven to be misplaced they gain dissonance.

Band Attunements

Balseraph – Tamiel’s Liars have a particularly pernicious influence. The resonance of these demons lasts for a number of hours equal to the check digit plus the demon’s celestial forces.


* Knowledge: Research can also be used

Djinn – The Djinn of Faith consider themselves scientists (or at least enlightened minds). Given 10 minutes and a successful Computer Use* roll they can find an article that supports their position, whatever that is. In addition, they always treat their Ethereal Forces as if they were 1 higher.

Calabim – Tamiel’s Calabim can spot anyone who shares their Faith, and take a special delight in striking down those who oppose it. Treat the demon’s Corporeal Forces as if they were 1 higher.

Habbalah – Where Faith’s Destroyers look outward, his Punishers look inward. They can tell at a glance if someone is questioning their own beliefs. Treat these demons as if their Celestial Forces were 1 higher.

Lilim – The Lilim of Tamiel are marked most by their faith in themselves. Where others credit interventions to heaven and hell, these see only their own efforts. These demons regains all essence after rolling an intervention.

Shedimspecial restriction – The Corrupters of Faith can reshape idle prayers to feed their own latent divinity. These demons may gain the Dissonance and Resonance of one other Band.

This attunement may be taken only once. The Band must be selected as soon as the attunement is granted, and non-Shedim learning this attunement can only gain the Shedite resonance and dissonance through it.

Impudites – These takers encourage (and take advantage of) faith in authority. Treat their Status and Charisma as being 1 higher.

Raphaim – The Skulkers of Faith can embrace the illusion that they have not fallen. While they no longer have the Grigori resonance, they can still access their former choir attunement.

Servitor Attunements


As Khalid’s Attunement Jihad (Superiors 3 pg 75)

It’ll Be Fine

By spending 1 Essence this demon can the push a human’s wishful thinking into overdrive. If something traumatic has happened, the human will act like it hasn’t. If nothing traumatic has happened, it can force the subject to re-roll their resistance to one Fast Talk attempt.


Tamiel’s Knights can visit heavenly tethers without harm.


Knight of Conviction

So long as they do not assume celestial form, these demons can pass as angelic. Abilities that target demons will ignore them and any auras they create will appear to be heavenly in nature.

Captain of Belief

Demons with this distinction regain 1 Essence for every three hours they spend among people uncritically discussing matters pertinent to the celestial’s Faith (treat this distinction as a Rite with no limit on the number of times it can be used).

Baron of the Unseen

Demons with this distinction can ignore any ability that would render something hidden or invisible.


  • Win an argument without furnishing any proof
  • Inspire faith in something that directly fuels an infernal word
    (e.g. Faith in the Daily Show fuels Media and Dark Humor)


Allies: Kobal
Associated: Andrealphus, Kronos, Malphas
Hostile: Baal, Valefor
Enemies: Asmodeus


Base Chance of Invocation: Varies*

If there are no mortals present, the base chance of Invocation is 0. If there are mortals present, use the highest Charisma among them.

+1 Cuckold’s Wedding Ring
+2 Participating in a Trust Exercise
+3 Eyes of a Blind Person
+4 Zero Visibility Conditions (dark, snow, fog)
+5 Sick Anti-Vaxxer
+6 100,000 Gathered based on Shared Faith

Tamiel & Khalid

If you chose to include both Tamiel & Khalid in your game, then it is important to understand how each influences the other. Tamiel is the voice of doubt in Khalid‘s ear. Tamiel represents the miscarriage of faith, and Khalid‘s flirtation with Fanatacism can be seen as an attempt to shut out Tamiel’s influence.

However, since getting past that madness, Khalid now views Tamiel as a form of mortification. A constant irritant to serves to remind Khalid that he is not infallible, and which he daily strives to overcome.