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MichaelBesso & Gemelo are one of Michael’s “battle twins” – a Kyriotate that resides in two identical vessels rather than possessing any hosts. Since both are really the same angel, it is not uncommon for each body to respond to either name. For the past several hundred years Besso & Gemelo have favored a southern European or Mediterranean look.

They fought on both sides during Khalid and Lawrence’s little tussle over Spain and have kept up with the mortal tools of war ever since. They are skilled swordsmen, halberdiers, marksmen, and artillerists, and have picked up an impressive knowledge of European history by having actively lived through it.

If you’re looking for a seasoned battle vetran who can even out a fight but leaves the planning to the PCs, you could do worse than Besso & Gemelo.

Besso & Gemelo, Kyriotate of War

Corporeal Forces: 5 [Str 10, Agi 10]
Ethereal Forces: 3 [Int 4, Pre 8]
Celestial Forces: 2 [Will 5, Per 3]

Vessel: Human (Besso)/1 & Human (Gemelo)/1
Role: Mercenary 3/3

Songs: Form (Corporeal/4), Healing (Corporeal/2), Might (Corporeal/4), War (Corporeal/4)
Skills: Dodge/2, European History/2, Fighting/3, Firearms/2, Heavy Weapons (Launchers)/3, Large Weapons (Halberd)/3, Large Weapons (Sword)/3


  • Kyriotate of War