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lawrencesymHasmed has always preferred a simple life. One angel, one gun, one round. If that is not enough to solve the problem, it was never Hasmed’s to solve. They try to take a similar approach towards helping humans.

As a spirit of dueling, Hasmed will not discourage a wronged party from seeking satisfaction. However, the angel will encourage them to find a place of focus. High emotions can lead to sloppy or misplaced violence. Hasmed respects neither.

Like many angels of Lawrence, Hasmed prefers to stay well groomed. If they are encountered in the woods they’ll be wearing hunter’s motley. At most other times they tend to wear vest-suits. Either way they will open carry their arms unless local ordinances forbid such behavior.

Hasmed, Elohite of Lawrence

Angel of the Single Shot

Corporeal Forces: 2 [Str 3, Agi 5]
Ethereal Forces: 4 [Int 4, Pre 12]
Celestial Forces: 4 [Will 4, Per 12]
Word Forces: 4

Vessel: Human/1
Role: Hunter/2, Status/2

Songs: Seals (Ethereal/4), Sight (Corporeal/5, Ethereal/3, Celestial/1)
Skills: Firearms/6, Tracking/2


  • Angel of the Single Shot (Wordbound)
  • Elohite of The Sword

Special Rite

  • Fire exactly 1 bullet all day and hit with it.

If you remove Hasmed’s Word and Special Rite, they would be a suitable entry level character (10 character points were traded for 1 extra Force). However, if you want a stronger Angel of the Single Shot, give them a Holy Pistol/4 and the ability to fire one bullet per day as if it were a Holy Bullet.