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Sigil of Mammon - Aramaic + Alchemical Gold & SilverAccording to Canon, Mammon sells his greater distinctions. In practice this probably works more like a permanent silent auction. In order to ‘displace’ one of his higher ranking nobles you need to promise greater annual returns of gifts and essence and offer a “one time” blood-price sufficient to handle any possible costs incurred by ‘removing’ a great lord of hell (the upstart’s take-over plans, the higher the price).

The rewards can be great, but the fees are often ruinous for the unprepared. The more savvy nobles will stand aside and “accept” the indignity of a lesser rank for a decade or two while the upstart ruins themselves trying to please Mammon. The conflict (already paid for) is only likely to erupt if it looks like the newcomer might actually be able to sustain the outlandish fees they are charged.

It is also not unheard of for “demoted” lords to take up temporary service under allied princes. So long as they’re willing to pay all relevant back taxes upon their return, Mammon will welcome them back with open arms (he’s a bit less forgiving towards those who take up service under more hostile powers).


As you might have realized, this scheme makes it impossible to compile a list of Mammon’s Dukes, as the individuals holding that distinction is in a state of relevant flux depending on whose Words or Holdings are the most productive.

However, any demon who has spent more than two centuries as either a Duke or in close contention for a Duchy will hold the unofficial Distinction of Magnate. This title will last in perpetuity. Magnates are typically more respected than their equivalent non-Magnate peers, though this attitude is reversed in the case of Baron Magnates (who are seen as having ‘lost their touch’).

Some well known Magnates include:

  • The Magnate of Graft, one of three candidates for the word of Corruption

This is hardly an exhaustive list. Mammon has had several Dukes over the years.

Some Liars…

  • The Balseraph Magnate of Luxury
  • The Balseraph Magnate of Wealth

Some Stalkers…

  • The Djinn Banking Magnate
  • The Djinn Ownership Magnate
  • The Djinn Rental Magnate

Some Destroyers…

  • The Calabite Magnate of Colonization
  • The Calabite Insurance Magnate
  • The Calabite Mining Magnate

Some Punishers…

  • The Habbaltie Magnate of Inflation
  • The Habbalite Poverty Magnate

Some Tempters…

  • The Lilim Smuggling Magnate
  • The Lilim Magnate of Want

Some Corrupters…

  • The Shedite Magnate of Riches
  • The Shedite Magnate of The Wealthy
  • The Shedite Profit Magnate

And Some Takers…

  • The Impudite Magnate of Industrialization
  • The Impudite Market Magnate
  • The Impudite Tax Magnate

Regardless of whether these nobles are now Dukes, Counts, or Marquis – they are all still obscenely wealthy and influential (even the Poverty Magnate).