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youarehereIn response to a recent conversation on the In Nomine Forums, I decided to make a Google Map showing the official tethers of the In Nomine universe. Sadly, there were a few generic tethers I had to leave out because there were absolutely no clues as to their intended location (most likely because they were meant to be insertable anywhere).

Working on this map was fascinating.

There were some locations that were so densely packed with tethers, there was no way to make sense of them all without zooming in (Istanbul, Jerusalem, London, Paris, and assorted US metropolises).

Conversely, there were huge swaths of territory with few to no tethers. Most noticeably: South America, Africa, Australia, Central Asia, Asiatic Russia, Canada, and Scandinavia. I hope you will all forgive me for assuming it was the editorial staff at Steve Jackson Games, not the celestials of heaven and hell, who were responsible for this oversight.

There are four superiors who by canon have multiple tethers within the same city.

  • Andrealphus has two tethers in Los Angeles
  • Malphas has two tethers in Chicago
  • Marc has two tethers in New York City
  • Valefor has two tethers in London

All told, I was able to place 231 tethers on the map. Roughly one tether for every 32.5 million people. That means you could triple the number of tethers on the map and still fall within the recommended guildelines for very rare tethers.