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If you are playing with the Affinity rules from Liber Canticorum, all the Numinous Corpus in this post have the Flowers Affinity.

There’s a sidebar in Liber Canticorum entitled “Ornamental Numinous Corpus.” In it the authors propose a whole slew of different body modifications they considered decorative, like growing leaves, or antennae, or spare noses.

The overall suggestion was that these songs should be visually impressive, but ultimately useless and therefore given at a discount.

I looked at the list and said, “these are really cool, I bet I could make some fun abilities out of them.” For now I’m just going to focus on the more verdue sections of the list – but keep your eyes  peeled for more Numinous Corpus posts in the future.

Numinous Corpus…


This creates an outer layer of wood can break away and cause poorly aimed attacks to slough off without effect. Attacks rolls against the performer are penalized by 1 for every 2 levels (round up). In addition, at level 4 this song grants Protection 1.


This can be treated as a variation of Fruit (see next), but only for creatures that feed on pollen and nectar (mostly insects, birds, and bats). Animal Handling for such animals can be considered to have a +1 TN bonus while this effect is active.


This causes fresh fruit to grow from the performer’s hair. Each hour it can produce enough fruit to feed one person for a day. Once picked, the fruit will last for a number of days equal to the Essence spent.


Sometimes its better not to make a new Numinous Corpus. For example, thistle can be replicated with Flowers, Leaves, and Thorns.


While the performer’s foliage is fully exposed they gain the following reusable Rite: Sunbathe for 3 hours (clothes and shade may increase the duration at GM discretion). The performer may add their level to the CD.


This can be treated as a variation of Leaves.


This can be treated as a variation of Spines.