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Sigil of Nibhaz - Provenance UnknownNybbas has forsaken the antiquated system of Dukes, Counts, and Marquis in favor of a single greater distinction of Mogul. In theory this means they’re all equal and shouldn’t need to jockey for position. In practice it means that they have no indicator of which are most powerful and most favored, so all of them are jockeying for positions as Media’s influencers.

There are two notable exceptions to Nybbas’ ban on nobility: The Dukes of Earl and Hazard. They are Media’s designated representatives when a member of the peerage is required. They hold the titles but have very little real authority.

The Board Room


The author could not be bothered to compile a full list of Moguls. These are just the current creme of Media’s crop.

Nybbas is obsessed with the “now.” His board room is exclusively populated by the Demons most closely associated with the current “in” media. If anyone could be considered his “real” dukes, it’s his board.

Some Moguls who have recently been seen around the Board Room include:

  • The Mogul of Streaming (Shedite)
  • The Binge Watching Mogul (Shedite)
  • The Social Media Mogul (Habbalite)
  • The Mogul of Live Broadcasting (Balseraph)
  • The Mogul of Narrative (Balseraph)
  • The Headline Mogul (Balseraph)
  • The Mogul of Information Silos (Habbalite)
  • The Mogul of the Alt Right (Calabite)
  • The Post Truth Mogul (Balseraph)
  • The Celebrity Mogul (Lilim)
  • The Mogul of Spectacles (Djinn)
  • The Mogul of Ratings (Impudite)

The Nabobs

Recently Nybbas has been forced to come up with a term for those Media Demons who have amassed enough influence that they cannot be cut entirely out of his plans, but whom are not part of the in crowd. These nattering Nabobs have been around long enough that they can hold courts of their own, but they are unlikely to ever regain the status of Moguls.

Curiously, the servitors of other Princes, are far more likely to treat the Nabobs of News, Television, and Radio with respect than they are the higher ranking Moguls of Media.