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Sigil of Muriel - Providence Unknown“The world is hardly worth remembering.”

Mariel was an Impudite who usually manifested as an elegant, beautiful noble who resembled nothing so much as the memory of an old love that remained just out of reach. Only her black, bottomless eyes told another story: one of loss and contempt.

Much like Novalis, the Servators of Mariel are charged with calming the souls of humanity, but also demons, gods, and the Symphony itself. Their remedy of choice: forgetfulness.

In the aftermath of The Fall, Mariel was the balm that Hell needed. Her cure helped many a demon cope with their loss, but not Mariel herself. As the one time Angel of Memory, it’s lack served as a constant reminder of what she wasn’t. By the time Haagenti came to devour Mariel, her Word had already consumed her.


Mariel did teach the Songs of Concealment, Forgetting and Oblivion.

In her final centuries, rumors started that she possessed a grand arsenal of forgotten songs – and maybe it was so, but even Mariel would not have been able to remember what they were, that’s not the way her Word worked. Gebbeleth, on the other hand, was always good at saving the choicest morsels before the Princess sealed them away for good.

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Dissonance Condition

It is dissonant for a servitor of Mariel to help anyone remember (including assisting someone with an intelligence based skill). If this assistance was completely accidental, the demon can remove the dissonance by removing the offending memory before it is shared.

Band Attunements

Balseraph(partially restricted) – These demons can forget at will, rendering them impossible to interrogate. In addition, Balseraphs may use this ability to penalize their Will by their Ethereal Forces when attempting to wipe out their dissonance through self deception (see the Infernal Players Guide for details)

Djinn(restricted) – Mariel’s Djinn may use their natural resonance to attune themselves to the person or thing that best recalls something the demon has just destroyed. The djinn may reduce their CD to attune to a number of additional records equal to the reduction (subject to their normal maximum).

Calabim – Oblivion’s Destroyers are the masters of unmaking. They may double the amount of Celestial Damage that they cause.

Habbalah(restricted) – Punishers who serve Mariel can be very depressing. These demons can add their Celestial Forces to the CD of their resonance when imposing Sadness, Emptiness, or similar emotional states.

Lilim(partially restricted) – These demons can look into someone’s eyes and see what that person most wants to forget (this is not always a blessing). Lilim can treat this as an automatic success with their Resonance and only need to roll dice for Intervention and CD.

Shedim(restricted) – The Shedim of Oblivion are particularly pernicious. When their host succeeds in a Will roll to eject the demon, the Sedite can require a second Will roll. If this second roll fails, the demon can remain in control and force their host into a self-destructive act.


*I would suggest using these rules for alcohol.

Impudites(restricted) – People tend to forget themselves around Oblivion’s Takers. Every essence one of these Impudites steals is as intoxicating (and addicting) to the target as two shots of liquor.*

Servator Attunements


As Lucifer’s Document Shredder (Superiors IV p8), but limited to physical media


As Fleurity’s OD (Superiors IV p28)


As Fleurity’s Bad Trip (Superiors IV p27)


Vassal of the Forgotten

Any roll made to remember or research this demon is penalized by their Celestial Forces. Both rolls can only be attempted by someone who has met the demon.

Captain of the Final Release

These demons double the amount of Celestial damage they inflict.

Baron of Mercy

The Baron’s of Mercy are a bit like mobile tethers. Any celestial may work off a rank of Dissonance by serving one for a week and releasing their Essence to Mariel.

Higher Distinctions

Mariel was known to have have granted higher distinctions like count, marquis, and duke to both Wordbound and non-wordbound demons. However, since this effectively bound these demons even more closely to her word, only the Wordbound ones have any real chance of being remembered.


  • Spend 3 hours in a mindless stupor
  • Ensure someone dies alone and unremembered
  • Destroy the last Celestial Force of a God or Celestial (Regain 3 Essence)


Allies – Meserach
Associated – Gebbeleth, Lilith, Makatiel (Kronos)
Hostile – Andrealphus, Kobal (Alaemon)
Enemies – Asmodeus, Haagenti (Furfur)


Base Chance of Invocation: 0

Invocation Modifiers

+1 bottle of opium
+2 blackout drunk (or similarly intoxicated)
+3 unmarked grave or oubliette
+4 dementia ward or opium den
+5 temple to a forgotten god
+6 unmarked, forgotten city
+8 within Mariel’s Oubliette

Mariel Lives!

It is always possible that Haagenti, in his haste to consume Mariel, did not actually destroy her, and that she is living whole and well inside of the Prince of Gluttony. This would certainly help explain why Sloth is more strongly associated with his Word than hers is.

Unfortunately, Mariel is unlikely to try to escape Haagenit because her own word is consuming her and she wishes for its ultimate embrace. Her rites, attunements, and distinctions would still work, but she will not grant any more without a direct audience and does not respond to invocations. Anyone wishing to speek with Mariel must find a forgotten tethers that lead to inside Haagenti’s stomach.

Most of her servitors have taken service under Haagenti, Kronos, Dumah or Alaemon. The rest have faded into obscurity. Only a handful remain both active and loyal; their goal is to make Haagenti forget about Mariel (which they hope will free her).