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If you play with the Affinity rules, all songs in this post have an Animals Affinity.

Many of the Ornamental Numinous Corpus from Liber Canticorum recalled some animal or other. Considering how much demons enjoy their bestial natures, this is hardly surprising.

Whenever possible I tried to find equivalents among the existing Numinous Corpus. Even if the form might be different with some of these songs, it seemed silly to write new mechanics when the function is the same.

While there are a couple of Secret Songs, most of these chants should be fairly common.

Numinous Corpus…


This can be treated as a variation of Eyes.


This can be treated as a variation of Fangs.


This allows the performer’s exposed skin to blend in with their surroundings. While nude the performer may add the level to their Move Silently skill. The benefit does not apply while running.


This and Neck Frill can add their level to Seduction when used with an appropriate animal vessel.

Decorative Feathers 

This causes the performer to grow long, gaudy feathers from their head, arms, and tail. The effect is too over the top for most dinner parties, but fits in well at burlesque halls or Carneval. The level may be added to attempts to entrance or distract (usually with Dance, but other skills can be used).


This can be treated as a variation of Plates.


This causes overlapping feathers to grow along the whole of the performer’s body. It increases the TN of all temperature based Survival rolls by the level.


This increases the TN of all Survival rolls made in the cold (regardless of purpose). It also grants its level in Protection against cold-based attacks.


Secret Song known only to Beleth and Saminga.

This causes the performer’s hair to reveal itself as a nest of living, venomous snakes. They may be used for a +4 Accuracy -1 Power attack at point blank range. The accuracy goes down every levels, but the power goes up every other level, and if any damage makes it past the defender’s Protection the venom does an additional d6 Body Hits the next turn which bypasses all reductions.


At level 4 the performer may chose straight horns, ram horns, or antlers.

Horns (Revised)

In spite of being the most iconic Numinous Corpus in demon lore, horns are easily the weakest Numinous Corpus in the core rules. I propose the following change:

The Performer may add their Running skill to the Power of their attack when charging an opponent.

At GM discretion the level of Numinous Corpus: Horns may act as a tie breaker when infernals are trying to determine who has the greater status.

Horse Tail

This is not a song in its own right, just Numinous Corpus: Tail limited to the level 1 or level 2 manifestation.


This variation of Fangs has 1 less Accuracy, but allows bite attacks to initiate grapples.


Neck Frill

This allows the performer to create a frill capable of flaring up in times of danger and aggression. Add the level to the TN of Emote roles made to intimidate. At level 5 the frill changes from fleshy to bony, increasing the TN of incoming attacks by 1 and providing level Protection against melee head shots.


Warning Signs:
At GM discretion, Numinous Corpus: Neurotoxin can bypass Protection, but must be accompanied by an equivalent level of Discolored while active.


Secret Song known only to Fleurity, Jordi, and Saminga.

This renders the performer’s skin toxic to the touch. Anyone who makes skin-to-skin contact with the performer (including landing an unarmed attack) will automatically take Mind Hits equal to the level of this song less their Protection.

It does not do extra damage when the performer attacks unless they grab their opponent, in which case it will do damage every round as described above.


This variation of Claw has 1 less Power, 1 less Accuracy, and grants a +2 Strength bonus during grapples.


This can be treated as a variation of Tongue.


This causes the performer to take on a more reptilian nature. Increase the TN of Climb, Dodge, Running, and Swimming rolls by +1 at 85 degrees Farenheit (30 Celsius), for each additional 10 degrees increase the bonus by 1 (to a maximum of this song’s level). While active, the performer may also attempt to “dodge” heat based damage.



Numinious Corpus: Snake Tail cannot be combined with Feet or Legs. It can be combined with Tail.

This allows the performer to shed their skin on a moment’s notice. Add half its level (rounding up) to Escape skill TNs and half its level (rounding down) to Strength rolls to escape a grapple. Also good for removing cosmetics.

Snake Tail

This causes the performer’s legs to fuse into a powerful tail. It can be treated as a variation of Tentacles.


This can be treated as a variation of Claw.